Translation of atrocious in Spanish:


espantoso, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈtroʊʃəs/ /əˈtrəʊʃəs/

Definition of espantoso in Spanish


  • 1informal

    (very bad)
    (food/spelling/manners) espantoso informal
    (food/spelling/manners) atroz
    • The generally poor and occasionally atrocious quality of the writing doesn't help.
    • It's unforgivably bad journalism, laughably poor sub-editing, and atrocious proof-reading.
    • The weather was atrocious, with heavy snow and high winds.
    • The weather conditions were atrocious, so thankfully the sale was indoors.
    • All soccer fixtures were cancelled at the weekend due to the atrocious weather conditions.
    • Of course, the dialogue is still atrocious, and the actors' delivery of it is poor.
    • The supporting cast was atrocious and really brought the overall quality of the movie down with it.
    • Frankly, I'm disgusted by the atrocious writing I have to read every day as part of my job.
    • The policy is atrocious and an insult to soldiers and their families.
    • I did notice that the spelling in most of the unwanted e-mails I happen to read is generally atrocious.
    • I have written before about how atrocious an assumption this is.
    • We paid £3,000 for an all-inclusive holiday and the food was atrocious.
    • No more seedy bars, inept passes or atrocious chat-up lines.
    • I have come across parents like him who simply shrug their shoulders when you outline their children's atrocious behaviour.
    • But we poor deluded souls keep colouring our hair in the wildest and most atrocious colours possible.
    • Also, I have witnessed the most atrocious driving by some Bradford taxi drivers, placing other road users in jeopardy.
    • I don't think I've been getting enough exercise and my posture is atrocious.
    • His timing is atrocious.
    • But it was terrible for everyone, and people not in my cohort also told me the first year is always atrocious.
    • The writing was atrocious, scribbled in black ink, and Karen had to focus on each word to decipher it.
  • 2

    (crime/injuries/conditions) atroz
    • This helps to explain why murder is such an atrocious crime.
    • It was possibly the most atrocious monstrosity every pulled off on American soil.
    • They watched the hideous spectacle, stunned by the monster's atrocious acts.
    • Women and children there are subjected to atrocious harassment and torture, particularly in the workplace.
    • Since no Coalition Forces were allowed into the city, they were able to get away with those atrocious acts without much trouble.
    • Upon returning to the United States, after having seen atrocious abuses first hand, he says that he could not stay silent.
    • If the tour were cancelled, a valuable opportunity to raise public awareness of the atrocious regime would be lost.
    • The atrocious acts of terror in New York have shocked the world.
    • You can't let that psychological battle have the victim all of a sudden take on the guilt for the atrocious acts of the perpetrator.
    • Nor was Stalin's behaviour in Ukraine, however atrocious, on a par with Hitler's total extermination strategy.
    • The people who are committing these atrocious acts are few, but they are mainly foreigners.
    • I foresee that man will resign himself each day to more atrocious undertakings; soon there will be no one but soldiers and bandits.
    • In the old orthodox society the Sati system of widows mounting the funeral pyre of their husbands was an atrocious practice.
    • Let us picture a small, comparatively weak, nation, governed by someone who commits any number of atrocious crimes to stay in power.
    • Our grandfathers witnessed the most atrocious period ever to have occurred; hopefully nothing like that will ever happen again.
    • Jones Griffiths and others tried to interest the news agencies in pictures that told the truth about that atrocious war.
    • That such a policy may have stirred up the enmity which resulted in last week's atrocious acts of violence should not be dismissed out of hand.
    • He did an atrocious act and he got what he wanted, lots of publicity for his cause and the right to die a martyr.
    • Who can say they wouldn't do something atrocious if in an extreme situation?
    • We are exporting atrocious suffering, disease and death in poor countries where controls are not implemented.
    • Despite the country's atrocious human rights records, the world community has done very little in response.
    • In practice, this meant all but the most atrocious offenses got mere wrist slaps.