Translation of atrocity in Spanish:


atrocidad, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtrɑsədi/ /əˈtrɒsɪti/

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nounplural atrocities

  • 1

    atrocidad feminine
    to commit an atrocity cometer una atrocidad
    • the building is an atrocity el edificio es una monstruosidad
    • They are forced to commit atrocities against their own families and communities.
    • Those responsible for atrocities against the Acehnese should be brought to trial.
    • Rights advocates say that the number of atrocities against women in the country is increasing.
    • Much of the fighting and many atrocities against civilians took place in Bosnia.
    • The entire war is an atrocity, a war crime, launched on the basis of lies.
    • The year since the invasion has been marked by further war crimes and atrocities.
    • Their endurance in battle soon became as legendary as their involvement in a number of war crimes and atrocities.
    • In the old days there was no way of taking photographs of war atrocities and popping them on the net for all to see.
    • Have people forgotten who started the war and committed countless atrocities during it?
    • Given that war itself is an atrocity the scene you described in your article still makes a citizen sick with shame and indignation.
    • And so they became a marginal but prophetic group willing to testify with their lives to the atrocity of war and coercion.
    • It was a brave new world recovering from the atrocities and bleakness of war.
    • Empathy is the missing psychological link in people who commit hate crimes and other atrocities.
    • The father of one of the Bali bombing victims spoke yesterday of his anger at the amount of publicity being given to those arrested for the atrocity.
    • The region has been the scene of some of the worst atrocities in the five-year-old civil war in Congo.
    • Some of them also said they had been forced to witness or commit atrocities, including rape and murder.
    • The scale of the atrocity may actually have speeded up the collective urge to absorb the shock and get back to business.
    • Terrorists responsible for atrocities, mass murderers and child killers will serve their entire lives in jail.
    • Meat eaters think this is a joke but it's not funny to people who believe it's an atrocity to eat murdered animals.
    • The effect of an atrocity of such a magnitude on the government and public should never be underestimated.