Translation of atrophy in Spanish:


atrofiarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈætrəfi/ /ˈatrəfi/

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intransitive verb atrophies, atrophying, atrophied

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    • The cells gradually degenerate over a period of time and cause paralysis as muscles atrophy throughout the body.
    • The retinal pigment membrane cells slowly degenerate and atrophy, and central vision is lost.
    • In addition, your muscles might atrophy and you could have trouble walking.
    • As a result, muscles become atrophied, or wasted.
    • Just like other muscles, the brain atrophies if not used.
    • Creatine has also been tested with positive results in those whose muscles have atrophied due to neuromuscular diseases.
    • Extended periods in low or zero gravity take their toll on the human body: bones begin to decalcify as they experience less stress, and muscles atrophy, also as a result of disuse.
    • Even after the original injury has healed, patients may still be in pain or very susceptible because their muscles have atrophied and there's nothing protecting them from sprains and strains.
    • In 1939 he underwent surgery for a brain tumour and emerged with one side of his face paralysed, his tongue atrophied and his behaviour even more erratic.
    • Computed tomography scans showed that her cerebral hemispheres had atrophied, and electroencephalograms showed that she was without any cortical activity.
    • The brain actually atrophies when it isn't stimulated enough.
    • In space, the blood itself becomes weightless, and the heart will eventually atrophy because it has to work less to pump blood through the body.
    • The main goal is for him to regain strength in his shoulder, back and upper arm because the muscles could atrophy from non-use.
    • The gland then atrophies if it doesn't rot away.
    • Her muscles haven't atrophied at all, and according to all data, she's in perfect health.
    • Her muscles had atrophied in her hindquarters giving her front half a bulky football player look.
    • I watched my hard-earned muscles atrophy and I knew my cardiovascular endurance was diminishing every day Although I felt depressed and frustrated, I knew I was lucky to be alive.
    • ‘As with any organic being after death, tissues will decompose and the body will atrophy, making actual measurements change over time,’ Holyoak said.
    • As the body ages, muscles begin to atrophy, slowly being replaced by fat.
    • Listen, Lorus, his body has atrophied to the point where he can't move.
    • For creativity is a muscle that must be worked or it will gradually atrophy and wither.
    • It is difficult to envision how this inflationary boom can run smoothly for a sector so atrophied after years of neglect.
    • The meeting would have gone well but being a blogger and spending most of my free time online, my social skills have atrophied to the point where I can now barely manage to get served in shops.
    • The obvious concern with a decline in reading is that such a trend causes critical thinking skills and one's imagination to atrophy.
    • But unless we allow our imaginations to become completely atrophied, we will be influenced by both secular art and the base obscenities that are prevalent in our society.
    • With everyone's imagination atrophied, no one will ever be a threat to the world.
    • It has been a very busy couple of months and unfortunately this blog has rather atrophied from lack of time and input.
    • He says, ‘We have undermined the purpose of the United Nations and caused its effectiveness to atrophy.’
    • ‘Mainframe skills have been atrophying in the U.S.,’ he says.
    • Not surprisingly, the social skills of children atrophy when they watch television instead of playing.
    • As the long-term unemployed lose touch with the labour market, their self-esteem falls and their job skills atrophy.
    • Command and control involves perishable skills that atrophy in the absence of training.
    • One consequence of this development is that their imaginations are beginning to atrophy: play is all about the destination, rather than the journey.
    • Perhaps a radical change of pace is exactly the stimulus this brilliant musician needs to help him realize his full artistic potential before it atrophies altogether.
    • Cabinet government of the traditional model has manifestly atrophied over the past seven years, by deliberate neglect, not accident.
    • Contrast that reality with the medical profession, say, whose practitioners would soon find themselves uninsurable were they to permit their professional knowledge and skills to atrophy.
    • There would be a flurry of coding and decoding activity in time of war, but with the coming of peace, cryptographic knowledge and skills would atrophy and have to be relearned again at the next outbreak of hostilities.
    • There's no telling how much further my language skills will atrophy.
    • The sciences atrophied during the post-World War I industrial decline.
    • I haven't done anything except costumes for so long that my imagination in that area is atrophied.
    • Whatever hitting skills these transient players once had are now atrophied from disuse.

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    atrofia feminine