Translation of attack in Spanish:


ataque, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtæk/ /əˈtak/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(physical, verbal)

      ataque masculine
      attack on/against sth/sb ataque a/contra algo/algn

      • to come/be under attack
      • traditional values are under attack
      • to return to the attack
      • to go over to the attack
      • the division had left itself open to attack from the rear
      • this policy leaves them open to attack from the opposition
      to launch an attack lanzar un ataque
      • terrorist attacks atentados terroristas
      • a three-pronged attack un ataque en tres frentes
      • attack is the best form of defense el ataque es la mejor defensa
      • His sporadic cinematic output has been combined with fierce public attacks on the general media situation.
      • The Opposition Leader intensified his attack on the Prime Minister, insisting he had lied to the public.
      • In a fierce attack on both Labour and the Tories, he urged all parties to reach a consensus on how the NHS should be managed.
      • The York Civic Trust's annual report launched a fierce attack on the loss of the city's Victorian heritage to the developers.
      • He has yet again launched a personal attack on a public servant without justification.
      • The following day, the government continued its political attack on the opposition.
      • Last week, making his second appearance at the corruption trial, he launched a withering attack on his critics.
      • It is the most pathetic attack on public servants I have ever heard in this House.
      • London's ex-police chief has launched a vitriolic attack on the minister.
      • The company has suffered public attacks in the US and Western Europe and announced a down-turn in profits earlier in the year.
      • And having made her a public figure, he must have expected her to be subjected to public scrutiny and political attacks.
      • Responding to criticism that his attacks on Elton and Madonna in his new biography are unfair, he has decided to set the record straight.
      • Eventually, he had to respond to the mounting attacks and criticisms by Labor.
      • No more will you have to endure the ill-formed attacks of the purchasing public.
      • When so out of touch with public and media attacks, that is when a First Minister should turn to his special advisers.
      • How low will it sink in its attacks on progressives and public spending?
      • Arnold Schwarzeneggar launched a blistering attack on the fiscal credentials of the opposition party.
      • The admission drew a scathing attack from the Opposition, with Mr Gilmore calling for his resignation.
      • Later he decided to rise above the criticism and attacks.
      • In the fight against cronyism, Malaysian economist Jomo has endured public attacks, lawsuits and death threats.
      • A government spending watchdog today launched a scathing attack on attempts to cut congestion.
      • Members of a new action group launched an attack on the local police authority at a public meeting on Tuesday.
      • They were shot as they launched an attack on the police station using guns and a bomb in the bucket of a mechanical digger.
      • Last week, terrorists launched an attack on government facilities in Saudi Arabia.
      • Five teenagers have been charged following an attack on a police officer which left him needing 10 stitches to his head.
      • In Tikrit, guerrillas detonated two car bombs in an attack on a police checkpoint.
      • Police are treating an attack on a community church and its vicar as racially-motivated, a spokesman said today.
      • Police are investigating an attack on a woman as she left a toilet at a train station.
      • There was a real mood in the meeting that an attack on the time limit was the first step in an attack on abortion rights in general.
      • This cowardly decision was a blow to those already on strike and an attack on the unity of the city workers.
      • Police believe he may also be responsible for an attack on a 48-year-old woman last Friday.
      • In February police arrested nine Moroccans suspected of planning an attack on the US embassy in Rome.
      • Journalists said that it was an attack on the freedom of press.
      • In an attack on a police station, one police officer and an attacker were killed.
      • An attack on private education is itself a thinly veiled assault on those who choose to use it.
      • The offender was chased and apprehended by a member of the public who witnessed the attack.
      • The battalion's withdrawal was met by a determined Japanese air attack on the convoy.
      • Since then, we have witnessed only one more attempted terrorist attack on a plane.
      • I did not see how we could withstand a determined attack after nightfall.
      • Police have confirmed they are treating the attack as attempted murder.
      • Today there will be an exercise involving a mock chemical attack on the City of London.
      • What I want to say here, no, what I have to say here, is that this country, our very way of life and everything we ever stood for, is under attack.
      • For those close to the areas under attack, the damage was obvious and the response immediate.

    • 1.2Medicine

      ataque masculine
      asthma/panic attack ataque de asma/pánico
      • heart attack infarto
      • she had / suffered an attack le dio un ataque
      • he's suffered several attacks of malaria ha tenido malaria varias veces
      • an anxiety attack un ataque de ansiedad
      • There was a past history of migraine attacks and bouts of coughing.
      • The illness results in recurrent attacks of chills and fever and can be deadly.
      • Collins suffered from severe attacks of a rheumatic illness which caused him great pain, only relieved by the use of opium.
      • The type of treatment that is given depends on how often the asthma attacks occur and how bad the symptoms are.
      • The best way to prevent asthma attacks is to identify and avoid indoor and outdoor allergens and irritants.
      • All these triggers can irritate the airways in your lungs, making an asthma attack more likely.
      • When a person has asthma, an attack can be started by a number of different things.
      • Sudden attacks lasting for a few days with symptom-free intervals.
      • There may be attacks of sudden breathlessness during the night.
      • Several treatments are available to help make the attacks shorter and less severe.
      • An attack of rheumatic fever may last for six weeks or longer.
      • For the thousands of people who have trigeminal neuralgia, attacks of such pain are frequent and can often seem unbearable.
      • Most doctors will start chronic treatment of epilepsy if two or more attacks occur in a short interval.
      • Short but recurrent attacks of vertigo are often caused by benign positional vertigo.
      • A sudden attack of viral encephalitis left him in a deep coma with a dire prognosis.
      • Poorly cleaned heating systems also contribute to asthma and allergy attacks in the fall and winter, say researchers.
      • Many medications are currently available to relieve the symptoms of acute migraine attacks.
      • They are commonly used for relieving sudden attacks of asthma and preventing exercise-induced asthma.
      • Some people with asthma never have a severe attack, only a little wheezing or the occasional bout of coughing.
      • Patients with acute cholecystitis may have a history of attacks of biliary colic or they may have been asymptomatic until the presenting episode.
      • The weather is so depressing that I am convinced it is the reason behind my sudden attack of vomiting.

  • 2British

    (part of team)
    delantera feminine
    • It pitched the team with the finest defence against the team with the finest attack.
    • Nel added that the South African team had a different attack, with different dimensions, for the last Test.
    • Man of the Match went to Paula Clayton who led the attack and was a central player in an excellent team performance.
    • Australian striker Mark Viduka is hoping for a recall to an attack which has totalled just four goals in the last six matches.
    • He took off Dan Green, he explained, because he wanted a bigger player in the middle of the attack.
    • There is only one revolving spot in the Clare attack and five players have sustainable claims on it.
    • Ryan Wayne added little to the attack and like other players ran up blind alleys.
    • It is only in the attack that the team is at present wanting.
    • With Ian Fitzgerald ruled out with a rib injury again only three of the attack retained their positions.
    • This was an excellent team performance based on a solid defence and an attack full of flair.
    • Also back to bolster the Clan attack are team captains Joseph Marrello and Kevin Todd.
    • Despite playing almost no part in qualifying, Henrik Larsson returns to lead the attack.
    • Teams consist of seven players, split three and three in attack and defence, with a goalkeeper at the back.
    • Barry Conlon, who scored for the reserves in midweek could be pressing for a recall to the attack alongside David McNiven.
    • The Northants attack did not feature any first-team players, but still caused plenty of problems.
    • Fortunately for the home team, their defence proved as impressive as their attack had been earlier in the game.
    • Goal attack was replaced by former national skipper Deepthi Rupasinghe.
    • Dean Windass and Danny Cadamarteri have shaken off knocks and will team up again in attack at Rotherham tomorrow.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (army/target/government/policy) atacar
      (person) atacar
      (person) agredir
      I felt I was being attacked me sentí agredida
      • Police said the man was shot and killed when he attempted to attack police.
      • She also assured us that the jaguar is not a man-eater - in fact there are no recorded cases of a person being attacked or killed by a jaguar in an unprovoked situation.
      • But immediately after the elections violence broke out and several houses were set on fire and people were attacked and killed.
      • Khadse made headlines when he was brought in to trap panthers after 13 people were attacked and killed by the animals.
      • Another incident occurred in September, when a married couple were killed after they were attacked by an elephant in Pandan Wangi, Indragiri regency, Riau.
      • However, on a number of occasions in 1999 and 2000 their dogs attacked his animals and killed 22 of them.
      • They also claimed the family's Rottweiler dog had attacked another dog, killed one woman's cat and gone for another woman in the street leaving her shaken up.
      • He was attacked, killed and later thrown into the river.
      • A brave Whitefield man has told how he fought off two thugs who attacked him as they attempted to steal his high-performance Mini.
      • He was brutally killed by thieves who attacked him at his home in Belmont.
      • He was on holiday in Venezuela with his wife when he was attacked and killed.
      • We realised that it must have been the same person who killed Tammy who also attacked you.
      • Dolphins, however, are known to kill sharks by attacking their soft bellies with hard blows from their beaks.
      • I have a friend who was nearly killed when he was attacked in his apartment with knives from his kitchen, so I understand what the researchers are trying to do here.
      • There I spoke to a woman whose mother was attacked and injured by a Komodo dragon - which raised the issue of humans as prey.
      • An unnamed woman was attacked and killed by a crocodile while crossing the Enseleni River north of Empangeni early yesterday morning.
      • The Plaintiff's daughter was attacked and killed by him.
      • He shivered inside when he recalled the coolness with which she had said that she had killed the woman who attacked her.
      • One outdoor magazine recently documented the case of a man who killed a bear that attacked him.
      • The wife of a York man who nearly died after being savagely attacked by a gang of youths has publicly thanked the people who saved her husband's life.
      • The play was fiercely attacked by critics and made headline news in the tabloids.
      • She is now making a television programme which attacks those who oppose fox hunting.
      • He was fiercely attacked, and even some figures who privately sympathized with his views were too cowed to defend him publicly.
      • But plans to house the turbines at Pool Hill, near Kitchenroyd, have been fiercely attacked by residents.
      • Similarly, Woods is attacked for fiercely defending his privacy.
      • Jiao had fiercely attacked the Ministry of Propaganda as an out-of-date dinosaur.
      • His response to the disaster of the war is to attack those who opposed the war.
      • Prominent candidates attacked each other fiercely.
      • In 1892 the lifelong friendship between Lie and Klein broke down and the following year Lie publicly attacked Klein.
      • Leuthner was fiercely attacked for his theses at the time by social democratic leader Karl Kautsky.
      • But critics have attacked the BBC for lavishing public money on non-programming activities at a time of massive cost-cutting in the organisation.
      • And I've relied on that audience response ever since, to buoy me through periods when I've been attacked by critics.
      • Vettriano now lives in London after selling his Edinburgh home last year claiming he was sick of being attacked by Scottish art critics.
      • Viciously attacked by critics and rejected by the public, the Impressionist painters were outcasts in the art world.
      • Fully aware of the situation, he is fiercely attacking the administration for its pro-business stances and special-interest politics.
      • This is not the first time a controversial film has been attacked before its critics have seen a single frame.
      • He recently attacked a German political critic by likening him to a Nazi commandant.
      • Failure to recruit enough doctors and nurses has been criticised in a report attacking west Wiltshire health bosses.
      • Owenson's status as a professional woman writer was constantly abused by contemporary male reviewers, who savagely attacked everything she wrote.
      • In 1818 he attacked Coleridge savagely in a magazine edited by his son-in-law.
      • The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds.
      • The Blackfoot became respected as an aggressive military force, attacking and destroying several trading posts in their territory.
      • The militants attack Indian forces almost daily in the mountainous province.
      • On September 11, 1973 the Chilean armed forces attacked La Moneda, the presidential palace in the centre of Santiago.
      • Coalition forces weren't attacked with weapons of mass destruction.
      • British military forces attacked Mahdi Army positions in Amarah, killing 20 persons and wounding 78.
      • He is also linked, though tenuously, to the men who attacked the World Trade Centre in 1993.
      • Unidentified armed groups continue to attack villages and connecting roads.
      • In some cases such units were as likely to attack friendly towns and forces as enemy ones.
      • Just two years ago, a trade delegation from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was also attacked by separatists here, resulting in one death and two injuries.
      • We restricted attacks north of certain areas; we didn't attack the enemy's capital.
      • The dead include civilians, soldiers and the tribal leader Rahim Bezoni, all killed for refusing to back the fight against the British forces attacking the city.
      • In preparation for urban warfare, the soldiers practised responding to a vehicle ambush, clearing buildings and attacking enemy positions.
      • Then he encouraged his men to attack enemy positions, despite the lethal danger from incoming artillery rounds.
      • The Chinese Eastern Railway was attacked not merely by rebels but by regular troops.
      • France controlled most of that territory until 1759 when British forces attacked Quebec City.
      • Border clashes worsened when Democratic Kampuchea's military attacked villages in Vietnam.
      • Initially, US sources denied American forces had attacked the village, which consisted mainly of mud huts.
      • The militants attacked the camp around dawn, firing indiscriminately at guards posted at the main gate.
      • Armies would thus come under fire long before they could even see their enemy, let alone attack his positions.

    • 1.2(harm)

      (rust/disease) atacar
      • Leaves attacked by insects or disease, on the other hand, die under duress, spotted and curled.
      • The lack of nutrients in the white-sand soil means that plants cannot afford to be attacked by insects, because lost leaf tissue is difficult to replace.
      • Relieving stress made sense to me because in my work I had seen that plants under stress were the ones most likely to be attacked by diseases and pests.
      • Larvae of the grape root borer attack the larger roots and crown of grapevines.
      • Sudden oak death is the snappy title which has been given to a devastating fungal disease attacking oaks and other native shrubs throughout North America.
      • Parkinson's disease attacks and destroys these nerve cells, meaning the brain is starved of dopamine.
      • Fungal diseases can attack shoots and leaves but also developing bunches and ripe fruit.
      • Ironically, when a tree is attacked by insects, it releases certain compounds which some insects actually use to their advantage.
      • The disease attacks the liver and can be fatal in a small number of cases.
      • The disease had attacked her liver and she slipped into a coma.
      • BSE is almost impossible to distinguish from scrapie, a disease attacking the brain of sheep.
      • The disease usually attacks the lungs but can affect almost any part of the body and is usually curable with an intensive six-month course of antibiotics.
      • The disease attacks the macula - an area of the retina at the back of the eye that houses light-sensing cells.
      • In 1999 he was diagnosed as being HIV positive, and now, to fight the deadly disease attacking his immune system, he takes drugs to keep himself alive.
      • Now suffering from lupus, a cruel disease which attacks the body's immune system, she has a quick wit and air of irreverence that still make her a delight to interview.
      • The trees have been attacked by a bacterial disease known as fire blight.
      • The unknown disease attacked over 200 people gathered for an American Legion convention in Philadelphia.
      • She said the life-threatening condition developed when her own antibodies attacked the baby's blood cells.
      • Richard died from the rare degenerative disease which attacks the central nervous system.
      • MS is an incurable disease that attacks the central nervous system causing severe disability.
      • Autoimmune diseases result when the immune system attacks the body's own organs, tissues and cells.
      • It attacks only grapevines, and kills vines by attacking their roots.

  • 2

    • 2.1(begin enthusiastically)

      (food) atacar
      (task) acometer
      • Is there something that you would suggest be put in place that would begin to attack that problem?
      • Overnight some of the mail team began attacking the problem.
      • If we truly want to effect change on an aging business practice and culture, we need to attack the problem from both within and without.
      • He said that drugs have always been a problem and the only way you attack a problem is head on.
      • We need to start preparing for the worst and need to attack this issue with the verve and urgency that people had in the last campaign.

    • 2.2(deal with)

      (problem/poverty) combatir

intransitive verb

Military Sport
  • 1

  • 2attacking present participle

    (forces) de ataque
    (strategy) ofensivo
    (strategy) de ataque
    the team plays good attacking football el equipo tiene un buen juego ofensivo