Translation of attacker in Spanish:


atacante, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtækər/ /əˈtakə/

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  • 1

    atacante masculine, feminine
    agresor masculine
    agresora feminine
    • Police admit that her killer may be a serial attacker who has struck at least six times.
    • In conventional jails, vicious murderers and sex attackers have little incentive to behave well or change.
    • In January the authorities charged the two alleged attackers with murder and arson.
    • Waving a large metal bar one of the attackers threatened staff before striking one across the head.
    • Despite an intensive police search, neither the attacker nor his two assailants were found.
    • He is convinced the attacker will strike again and he warns the next time it could be even more serious.
    • As soon as engineers repair the speed traps, the mystery attacker strikes again.
    • She managed to fight off the attacker during the assault in February last year.
    • A sex attacker who struck in an alleyway in daylight was today being hunted by police.
    • Police believe the youths did not know their attackers and were the victims of an unprovoked assault.
    • The other attacker, only 16 at the time of the assault, has been released more recently.
    • The victim of a vicious nightclub assault has appealed for witnesses to help police catch his attacker.
    • Police are still unsure if he was murdered by a gang or a lone attacker.
    • Their attacker pleaded guilty to wounding and assault at Manchester Crown Court.
    • She struggled with her attacker but was thrown to the ground and the mugger ran off with her handbag.
    • College bosses have pointed out the attackers were not students and the incident happened off-campus.
    • When he stopped to check whether his vehicle had been damaged, the attackers overpowered him.
    • The attackers were apparently disturbed when a neighbour's dog started barking.
    • Not one of those attackers has been convicted or punished for these crimes.
    • One of her co-workers was badly injured and another was killed, as was one of the attackers.
    • He elbowed the man in the face as he was struck in the side by one of the previous attackers.