Translation of attempt in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈtɛm(p)t/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (have a try at)
    candidates should attempt all questions los examinandos deben intentar responder a todas las preguntas formal
    • she attempted a smile intentó sonreír
    • he is going to attempt the exam again va a presentarse al examen otra vez
    • he had attempted the north face before ya había intentado escalar la ladera norte
  • 2

    to attempt to + inf/-ing tratar de / intentar + inf
    • Trying to cement her position she pushes the team into attempting an exceptionally difficult human pyramid move.
    • That's when she was forced to attempt the most difficult vault of the competition over a kneeling horse.
    • The purpose of this article is to attempt the difficult task of trying to describe how the Indians developed this ingenious system.
    • Mendelssohn did not attempt his very difficult task until he felt himself fully equal to it.
    • It's a good time to encounter difficult people or attempt arduous tasks.
    • He attempted a comeback in mid-May against Berwick Bandits but pulled out because of intense pain.
    • More changes are now afoot at the school as it attempts to achieve the status of a Specialist Science College.
    • Without such an effort, attempting to improve the situation is like building a house on a sand dune.
    • The unions have attempted throughout this difficult time to be open and honest.
    • To be fair, over the next few days my true love did at least attempt to make an effort.
    • Billy is nearly 30 but he is encouraged to attempt a comeback after he floors a man in a bar room brawl and begins to believe that he can still be a success.
    • He also knows that the risk is compounded when a company attempts to achieve such a growth rate by taking on entirely new types of projects, as he plans to do.
    • He is being deliberately obscure and difficult because his work attempts to short-circuit the way you are thinking.
    • This is the idea that one attempts to achieve enlightenment to benefit others.
    • I can't see a small village in Russia achieving or even attempting that.
    • If we do that, then these people have been successful in what they're attempting to achieve.
    • There is no getting away from the fact the bill does not even attempt to resolve the difficult issues underlying and surrounding it.
    • Some women attempt to achieve a compromise of sorts through relationships with several men.
    • There is always the possibility that they will attempt to achieve a medical qualification for example, in another country.
    • Many who marry attempt to achieve a strong, enduring bond based primarily on emotions.
    • Glasgow may be the first European university to attempt such a venture, but it will certainly not be the last.
    • On the other hand, not to attempt to achieve an independent life is to be left out of the dominant culture.
    • Finally the three men attempted the climb but after a day of avalanches they decided to stop.
    • A group of six local people will attempt to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in as short a time as possible.
  • 3attempted past participle

    attempted suicide intento de suicidio
    • attempted murder/robbery tentativa de asesinato/robo
    • attempted coup intentona golpista


  • 1

    intento masculine
    attempt to + inf
    attempt at sth/-ing
    he broke his arm in the attempt se rompió un brazo en el intento
    • at the first attempt a la primera (tentativa)
    • on the first attempt a la primera (tentativa)
    • at least they made the attempt al menos lo intentaron
    • I passed my motorcycle test at the first attempt at the age of 17.
    • I refuse to talk about my abortive attempt at qualifying for the Hanley Cup lest I depress myself even more.
    • I was fortunate enough to undergo successful IVF treatment at the first attempt, resulting in the birth of twin daughters.
    • Now there is very little to prevent them from making history and advancing beyond a World Cup group at the first attempt.
    • Drivers who pass their test at the first attempt should be made to do it again.
    • Officials mustered a security force of thousands in the area around the hall, part of an effort to thwart any attempt at a repeat attack.
    • His half-hearted attempt at a palace coup in 1600 led to his execution.
    • I made a small speech thanking all and sundry for their efforts, before a disastrous attempt at telling a joke.
    • The implication of such involvement was an attempt to deceive, a successful attempt at the big lie.
    • Through dry, cracked lips, I began a feeble attempt at reassurance, but was immediately interrupted.
    • Any effort to aestheticize or commodify art is an attempt at censorship.
    • The result was less an attempt at analysis, than several dozen fragmented experiences and opinions.
    • If they are to gain promotion at the first attempt they will have done it against the odds.
    • After many unsuccessful attempts, the first successful attempt at scaling this mountain was in 1913.
    • Perhaps most difficult of all is the attempt to achieve independence within the same field.
    • The monument was erected as a tribute to three people who died trying to halt tanks during the coup attempt.
    • The rushing floodwaters and torrential rain made communication difficult, and rescue attempts failed repeatedly.
    • Over recent years there has been a spate of deaths in the area resulting from trampers becoming lost and rescue attempts proving difficult.
    • But it is difficult to regard these attempts as more than mere tokenism.
    • This is an attempt to overturn our elections.
    • The documentary, due out in the autumn, will follow a mountaineering novice on his attempt to conquer Everest.
    • No one I've spoken to even cares that people were killed in the attempt.