Translation of attendee in Spanish:


asistente, n.

Pronunciation /əˌtɛnˈdi/ /ˌætɛnˈdi/ /atɛnˈdiː/

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    asistente masculine, feminine
    • Catherine thanked the conference attendees for the warm reception she and her sisters had received.
    • The Monday evening saw a reception for all conference attendees in the Glasgow Science Centre.
    • This second annual conference will allow attendees to mix business with pleasure.
    • Another attendee of the conference is a chemistry professor at a Christian college in Canada.
    • Many of those seminar attendees are taking an enormous gamble on apartment rents remaining high.
    • Lecturers told attendees of the seminar that it is dangerous to experiment with any kind of drugs.
    • As people leave the church in search of lunch, I stop a couple of attendees to ask them why they came to the conference.
    • Among the attendees was a housewife who has attended the protest rally every year.
    • As a first-time attendee, however, I found that the conference overlooked two important areas.
    • Another report found the majority of attendees attend only one exhibition a year.
    • Indeed, most people of any age would note the entrance of a tardy attendee.
    • There will be a panel discussion, followed by refreshments for all attendees.
    • One attendee likened the atmosphere at the conference to a hangover after the big party that was 2004.
    • People just kept standing up to hail lost loved ones, while more attendees wept.
    • According to Uzbek officials, this was because larger than expected numbers of attendees had made security a concern.
    • There are no reserved seats, and attendees are urged to bring a blanket.
    • Perhaps the first attendees could be those councillors responsible for ruining our city with their parking policies.
    • Rumour has it, however, that one of the attendees is a long way from the world of dizzy studentdom, and is in fact a newspaper reporter.
    • Last year's event drew a record 6,000 attendees; this year's is expected to bring even more.
    • The attendees did not realize that they were serving as guinea pigs to identify the operational problems.
    • The best part for the attendees is the tasting, of which there is plenty.