Translation of attitude in Spanish:


actitud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædəˌt(j)ud/ /ˈatɪtjuːd/

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  • 1

    (way of feeling, thinking)
    actitud feminine
    attitude to sth/sb actitud hacia algo/algn
    attitude toward sth/sb actitud hacia algo/algn
    I don't like your attitude no me gusta tu actitud
    • he takes a very different attitude adopta una actitud muy distinta
    • she takes the attitude that … para ella …
    • if you're going to take that attitude si te vas a poner así
    • fear is an attitude of mind el miedo es una disposición de ánimo
    • Public opinion and the public attitude to war is often a key to whether there will be a war in the first place.
    • A sensitive attitude to cultural differences is necessary if the alliance is to succeed.
    • It reminded me of how much we're complete opposites when it comes to our attitude to public transport.
    • But there's something that's come to perplex me about his attitude to religious belief.
    • Hobbs advises investors to assess their attitude to risk before plunging in.
    • The survey includes several questions on our attitude to public spending.
    • There's a different attitude to police over there.
    • Nowadays, we have a different attitude to animal shows.
    • In the 1970's there was a different attitude to crime.
    • There also appears to be a different attitude to civilian casualties within today's uncertain administration.
    • Fittingly, one of the key differences between the politicians is their attitude to choice, and to how much of it we should be given.
    • All of them obviously had a different attitude to life than their peers.
    • Unlike Bollywood actors, the Southern film stars have a different attitude to politics.
    • Our attitude to animals too often reflects our attitudes to our fellow citizens.
    • But the British attitude to the private provision of public services is more complex than this.
    • His attitude to school pretty much reflects his attitude to authority in general.
    • A questioning attitude to the beliefs of yourself and others
    • It is possible to have a religious attitude to life without belief in supernatural beings and occurrences.
    • It demands a different attitude to our own interests.
    • Where they did differ was in their attitude to Europe.
    • The positive attitude of library staff also helps users adjust to online library services.
    • Before, it was just the cyclists with attitude.
    • His stocky body was set in an attitude of hopeless challenge.
    • Plus, this healthy physical attitude of yours indicates deeper emotional well-being and stability.
    • Three plump blackbirds, made all the plumper by the cold-weather attitude of their feathers, sat in a ragged row.
    • The place is now crawling with thick-necked men with attitude.
  • 2

    • 2.1 formal (posture)

      pose feminine
      postura feminine
      to strike an attitude adoptar una pose

    • 2.2(in ballet)

      posición feminine
      • The women hobble and stretch on point, doing something looking like an attitude, the knee isn't raised, but the leg stretches out from the knee.
      • The dancers could not be faulted for they rendered their attitudes, tours and pirouettes with steady, professional manner.

    • 2.3Aerospace Aviation

      posición feminine
      • Although the pilot cannot deliberately overshoot the attitude limitation, the aircraft can.
      • It is important to fully understand the effect a liquid's movement can have on the attitude control of these spacecraft.
      • We use our view of the ground, the horizon and the sky to keep the airplane in the right attitude.
      • I felt our aircraft attitude change as I watched the scope.
      • The aircraft then assumed a slightly nose-high attitude.
      • The helicopter settled onto the ground in a nose-low attitude.
      • The longer he's away from the flight instruments, the more extreme the unusual attitude.
      • He controls the spacecraft's attitude jets and thrusters, while the engineer keeps a lookout and pays attention to the timing.

  • 3 informal

    (uncooperative behavior)
    actitud hostil feminine
    • Staff have an attitude and can't even raise a smile when you tip them!
    • She came to his studio with attitude, but cradled his face in her hands to kiss him before she left.
    • Last season they arrived with attitude and generally did not treat us well, making fun of us even though they are not very good themselves.
    • His career began a downhill descent by showing up late for work, and when he did show, he arrived with a bad attitude.
    • I was so glad to get your e-mail about librarians with attitude.
    • Still, the influx of poor cousins with attitude might shake things up a bit in Brussels.
    • Clarence the Alsatian with attitude, lay in the small patch of afternoon sunlight that made it into his enclosure.
    • The border crossing is marked, not with gates and flags, but with attitude.
    • She crossed her arms with attitude and shifted her feet.
    • He arrived with attitude as well as ambition, but those who were offended at the time concede now that he has the game to go with it.
    • Perhaps I'm just unlucky in encountering those with attitude, or perhaps I just complain too much.
    • Sarah pointed at a nine-year-old girl with attitude and spunk.
    • So, I thought, it's just a bar with attitude.
    • She comes across as sweet and innocent and yet as a teen with attitude.
    • This is a modern and rebellious hair cut with attitude.
    • I dedicate my monthly links list to the memory of Pope John Paul II, a holy man with attitude.
    • Here is an older woman with attitude but terrible gym shoes.
    • Federal, as in their previous two games, played with attitude.
    • What an inspired combination: Two of the most influential popular musicians of their generation plus a string quartet with attitude.
    • It is acoustic music with attitude and virtuosity.
    • I too would like a young blonde thing with attitude.
    • No kitchen is complete without a knife set with attitude.
    • Her guitar work is raw and drips with attitude, while her singing bubbles with personality, passion and sensitivity.
    • This is not cuddly cashmere but knitwear with attitude.
    • Also on the bill will be DJs with their own brand of dance music with attitude.
    • A fashion designer with attitude, Arora thinks fashion should be unchained and without boundaries.
    • Lucille makes it clear that they are looking for young dancers with attitude and ability.
    • He started working as a reporter, but relaunched himself in his twenties as a motoring writer with attitude.
    • We also had the same waiter that we had last time… the cute one with attitude.
    • Despite all that, it remains a strong exhibition of work with attitude.
    • The band seemed to have all the right influences and a girl singer with attitude - a little slice of Islington cool.
  • 4 informal

    (exaggerated self-confidence)
    actitud de gallito feminine informal
    pose chulesca feminine Spain informal