Translation of attorney in Spanish:


abogado, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtərni/ /əˈtəːni/

nounplural attorneys

  • 1

    abogado masculine
    abogada feminine
    → see also power of attorney
    prosecuting attorney fiscal
    • Other important intermediaries were legal attorneys, who represented the Christian groups in their dealings with the state.
    • The court would appoint public attorneys to represent Estrada.
    • You and your attorney should understand your business situation thoroughly before you decide on a license.
    • Her appointed attorney was not immediately available for comment.
    • And most are defended not by private attorneys but by public defenders or appointed lawyers.
    • We'll hear from his defense attorney and the lawyer representing his murdered wife's family.
    • A judge was elected, attorneys were appointed, and witnesses were interviewed.
    • It's time for prosecutors and plaintiffs' attorneys to move forward with renewed vigor.
    • Criminal defendants have no right to court appointment of an attorney and no right to a jury trial.
    • Military officials at the Pentagon declined to describe their legal status, or say whether they are represented by attorneys.
    • In some states, a fifth of the attorneys who have represented defendants in capital cases have subsequently been suspended, disbarred or arrested.
    • This one-sided provision has created bad incentives for attorneys and the litigants they represent.
    • Defence attorneys and lawyers described the case as a sham because of the lack of evidence.
    • The present system allows for an individual to be represented by a different attorney at each stage.
    • An attorney can be appointed by signing a deed which is in place immediately.
    • According to attorneys who represent these defendants, the pressure on men to confess to what the government wants is enormous.
    • The matter was then taken to the High Court, where attorneys acting on his behalf challenged the police as to why he was still in custody.