Translation of attract in Spanish:


atraer, v.

Pronunciation /əˈtrækt/ /əˈtrakt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • The strong force also attracts protons to protons or neutrons to neutrons.
    • This is consistent with the fact that matter attracts matter through the gravitational force.
    • The two ions of opposite charge attract each other and an ionic bond is formed.
    • The positive ions are attracted to the negative electrode and vice versa.
    • Magnetic interactions can also play an important role in attracting electrons to each other.
    • This happens because the massive black hole gravitationally attracts any matter lurking near it and never lets it go.
    • Locally, there is a large amount of gas and dust attracted by the black hole's gravity.
    • A positively charged object attracts a negatively charged one and vice versa.
    • The ‘weight’ of an object normally means the force that Earth attracts it with.
    • The ellipsis is a black hole: a void that attracts everything towards itself.
    • He also noted that the force attracting two objects increased or decreased in a ratio of their combined sizes or mass.
    • The negative charge of the oxygen attracts the positively charged hydrogen ions through the membrane.
    • An electronic cleaner produces negative ions that are attracted to the pollutants.
    • Electronegativity is a way to measure how much an atom attracts electrons in a chemical bond.
    • The magnetic field attracts metal objects.
    • The cloths are designed to create a static charge which attracts dust and bacteria and holds dirt until they are washed.
    • The moon attracts every piece of matter on earth.
    • Because it has a tacky surface, it attracts dust, which reduces its reflectivity somewhat.
    • Computers cause static electricity and so attract dust and bacteria.
    • Electronegativity refers to the ability of an atom in a compound to attract electrons.
  • 2

    (draw, create)
    (interest) suscitar
    to attract sb's attention atraer la atención de algn
    • he does it to attract attention lo hace para llamar la atención
    • to attract customers / business atraer clientes
    • the film has attracted the highest praise la película ha sido objeto de los mayores elogios
    • it attracts a higher rate of interest devenga un interés más alto
    • The blunt message attracted a mixed reaction.
    • Each year the exhibition attracts widespread media attention.
    • The police report has attracted widespread media attention in Texas over the last couple of days.
    • While unable to stop the bill, he succeeded in attracting widespread attention to his cause.
    • The project is attracting widespread support.
    • Today's call for a weekly farmers' market in York is likely to attract widespread support.
    • I'm always trying to find a first line that attracts attention, that pulls the reader in.
    • Now, after three nights of music, the reaction from patrons has been superb and the music is attracting the attention of music lovers from all over.
    • The good results have attracted a lot of attention from educationists.
    • His interim report attracted much attention for the wrong reason.
    • A combined project is more likely to attract senior management attention and support.
    • Then again, nothing attracts support more effectively than excellence.
    • The use of effective language on a resume will attract the attention of an employer.
    • Bling is described as ‘jewellery which attracts attention because it is big and expensive.’
    • A terrible disaster like this attracts massive attention, on rolling television news stations and the Internet as well as in newspapers.
    • The statue immediately attracts the viewer's attention.
    • Pandit Ravi Shankar, apart from being one of India's finest musicians, also attracts much media attention.
    • His striking hair often attracts the attention of the ladies.
    • It is large enough to be conspicuous, and as it attracts attention, it also attracts speculation.
    • Still, the nascent industry is attracting the interest of venture capitalists.
    • A lot of its activities either break even or lose money in order to attract visitor interest here.
    • And Britain continues to lead its Continental rivals in attracting foreign investment.
    • The Lake District attracts thousands of foreign visitors each year.
    • Ireland's success in attracting foreign investment is largely because of its low corporation tax rates.
    • China has no trouble generating income, and it has become more and more skilled at attracting foreign investment.
    • Scotland has had tremendous success in the past in attracting investment by foreign firms looking for a foothold in Europe.
    • The other approach is to attract foreign investment, which brings technology with it.
    • The event attracts an estimated 10000 visitors.
    • His government has set ambitious targets for economic reform and attracting foreign investment.
    • If New Zealand wants to progress and prosper, we must attract foreign investment to this country.
    • The federal government has long shown no interest in attracting foreign factories to its shores.
    • It was following that announcement that the city council and its partners launched a strategy to attract inward investment.
    • By day the city is charm itself, attracting thousands of visitors who revel in its beauty, history and shops.
    • He will also be responsible for attracting new venture capital activities into Scotland.
    • Some of these companies have attracted high profile venture capital funding.
    • The venture had failed to attract enough private funding.
    • The lake attracts thousands of visitors every year.
    • Frogs and newts have already been attracted to three new natural spring ponds at Abbey Meads School.
    • The museum is a giant step towards attracting tourism, and is gradually accomplishing this goal.
    • This year the race has attracted sponsorship from several sources, including Norwich Union Healthcare.
    • The funding will go towards attracting and training more health professionals for country areas.
  • 3

    I'm not very attracted to the idea la idea no me atrae demasiado
    • I don't feel attracted to him no me atrae

intransitive verb

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