Translation of attraction in Spanish:


atracción, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtrækʃ(ə)n/ /əˈtrakʃ(ə)n/


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    atracción feminine
    • As an exercise you might try computing the electrostatic attraction between an electron and a proton and compare it with the gravitational attraction.
    • Gravitational forces of attraction always exist between two objects of any mass, but it takes an object as large as a planet for this force to become noticeable.
    • The gravitational attraction between the two might follow a force law that differs from Newton's law of gravity.
    • The second force, which balances the gravitational attraction, is known as the centripetal force.
    • As its name suggests, this is a powerful force of attraction that operates between all protons and neutrons.
    • Of course, while atoms interact via well defined forces of attraction and repulsion, people are seldom so straightforward.
    • The electrical attraction between a proton and an electron is forty powers of ten stronger than their gravitational attraction.
    • Black holes are objects for which the gravitational attraction is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from it.
    • The forces of attraction between ions in an ionic compound are very strong.
    • This electrostatic attraction, called an ionic bond, is much weaker than a covalent bond of shared electrons.
    • He attributed gravitation to the forces of mutual attraction between material objects.
    • But gravitational attraction depends on distance and mass.
    • In science, Newton's laws for falling objects were based on the concept of gravitational attraction.
    • The energy of attraction between protons and neutrons is about a million times greater than the chemical binding energy between atoms.
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    I still feel a great attraction toward the place todavía me atrae mucho el lugar
    • babies hold no attraction for me los bebés no me atraen
    • what's the attraction? ¿qué atractivo tiene?
    • Platonic love is devoid of any physical attraction or sexual interest.
    • These can express everything from sexual attraction to intellectual or physical dominance.
    • No, it was probably only baseless physical, sexual attraction.
    • This was physical attraction, sexual temptation, nothing more.
    • I did everything in my power to resist his attraction.
    • There is no physical contact or obvious sexual attraction in the bath scene.
    • Regardless, it raises interesting questions concerning the ways in which sexual attraction is bound up with aspirations.
    • Men, on the other hand, more frequently replied that sexual attraction was a prime reason for initiating a friendship, and that it could even deepen a friendship.
    • Because of course pheromones, as you probably already know, stimulate sexual attraction.
    • Although he embraced his sexuality more than the others, physical attraction was lacking.
    • In acknowledging its attraction we diminish its power.
    • The power of attraction will only have a chance to work though, if the other partner is open minded and willing to consider something new.
    • He had never met the man, but already he could sense his power, his attraction.
    • The attraction of political power is said to have reconciled his alienated parental family.
    • I'm thinking today about the nature of sexual attraction.
    • We discuss sexual attraction and relationships.
    • The way I feel about her goes way beyond physical attraction.
    • Pheromones trigger basic responses, such as sexual attraction.
    • Things I want in a relationship: intelligence, physical attraction, reciprocal love.
    • As human beings we cannot deny our attraction to anything sexual.
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    (attractive feature)
    atractivo masculine
    the main attraction el principal atractivo
    • He believes colour and convenience are the main attractions for beginner or novice gardeners buying plants.
    • The quality of the workforce is one of the attractions for entrepreneurs and investors in the Paisley area.
    • One of the main attractions for users to have mobile phones is that they offer the ability to roam and to make telephone calls from almost anywhere.
    • The supplier of financial information has two main attractions for private investors.
    • One of the attractions for companies and groups is the range of activities available.
    • Face painting was one of the many attractions for the children.
    • But you can see the attractions for the international high flyer.
    • The beaches here are perfect for family and children as they offer fabulous attractions for all.
    • The library has special attractions for children and young people could find no better pastime than reading.
    • These social technologies have attractions for the writer and journalist.
    • The lake's attractions for anglers was of significant economic importance to the Bangor area.
    • We have a wide range of attractions for all ages and we are grateful to all the Friends for their help in organising the event.
    • Reading a book damages the spine, which reduces its attractions for potential buyers.
    • Being part of a community is one of the biggest attractions for new crofters.
    • Within the village itself, there are other attractions for those keen on immersing themselves in local history.
    • But the beauty of the scenery and the charm of Thai culture are unlikely to hold any attractions for them now.
    • The region has a number of attractions for potential investors.
    • Future gains are likely to be more sedate although the shares have their attractions for those seeking some stability.
    • Are there specific features, attractions, or wildlife that you were hoping to see?
    • The airfield is one of the main attractions for the current residents - often bankers and businessmen who fly in from abroad for the weekend.