Translation of attractive in Spanish:


atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈtræktɪv/ /əˈtraktɪv/


  • 1

    (voice/personality/smile) atractivo
    (voice/personality/smile) atrayente
    • For I suddenly seem to be encountering a new generation of stunningly attractive women in their fifties.
    • Footballer David Beckham is one of the most sexy and attractive men on the planet.
    • She was naturally attractive with her cute face and short but nicely curved body.
    • She was a lovely and attractive girl, but it appeared that she was nervous and scared.
    • For years, studies have confirmed that attractive people get all the breaks.
    • You're greeted by an attractive person who asks you how you are, and seems interested in your answer.
    • These shows are about attractive people falling deeply in love with one another.
    • She was quite an attractive woman with her pretty auburn hair braided behind her head.
    • To my delight, I saw a very attractive lady running around the pool yelling my name.
    • The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine's cards for their gorgeous women.
    • One night I ran into a pretty girl who seemed to think I was attractive.
    • He wants everyone to know that he has a very attractive wife.
    • Gavin was a rather attractive man who invariably dressed in jeans and a tight T-shirt.
    • An orchestra of attractive women played gay tunes from operas and light marches.
    • He has an attractive wife, Madeleine, who likes to paint landscapes.
    • Each table had a rather attractive woman who dealt cards with as much dexterity as in Las Vegas.
    • Why oh why do these attractive women in the public eye choose to commit themselves to other men, before they've even had a chance to meet me?
    • But she is furious at her dad for marrying an attractive woman just a few years older than herself.
    • A few years older than me, he was not a particularly attractive man.
    • Next time you find yourself flirting with an attractive member of the opposite sex, however, you should beware.
    • As I hopped aboard, I noticed the bus was empty but for three attractive girls in animated discussion at the back.
    • What I wanted was to spend an evening with a very attractive and fascinating woman.
    • He would like more time with his attractive, attentive wife, and, adoring, aging mother.
  • 2

    (advantageous, interesting)
    (offer/price) atractivo
    (offer/price) tentador
    (offer/price) interesante
    the idea isn't exactly attractive to me la idea no me atrae demasiado / no me resulta muy atrayente
    • it isn't a very attractive prospect no es una perspectiva muy halagüeña
    • This opens up a spectre of interesting possibilities, none of them attractive to him.
    • However the interest rate gap was still proving attractive to foreign investors.
    • The region needs this type of investment to make it attractive to industrialists, tourists, and workers.
    • Moving permanently overseas became increasingly attractive to many New Zealanders.
    • He added that many of the paintings had not been auctioned before, which made them particularly attractive to collectors.
    • Pop music is attractive to advertisers by virtue of its popularity with the audience.
    • Analysts said the deal was likely to be attractive to consumer electronics makers.
    • We're also active in France, with a product that's proving attractive to the hotel sector.
    • The idea of love at first sight, though attractive to women in theory, terrifies them in practice.
    • The report added that Winchester town was the only part of the district that would remain attractive to developers.
    • Such a policy goal would be attractive to parents, students and many other stakeholders.
    • And it is a strategy which is attractive to many customers.
    • Veterinary science is a career choice that has become increasingly attractive to women.
    • Its proximity to the city centre is attractive while its garden will appeal to the green-fingered.
    • An association with the Spice Girls was an attractive idea as the Spice Girls appealed to young girls.
    • The selected book will be given a somewhat bigger push than is often the case with first novels, and overall the deal looks attractive.
    • He has an attractive theory on this state of affairs.
    • Australia had by then become a most attractive target for a new form of crime.
    • Its freedom and economic prosperity make it an attractive place for many Haitians.
    • The extent to which nuclear power will be attractive in the future depends on two main sets of factors.
    • Newton's argument is intellectually attractive and his scholarship is extremely persuasive.