Translation of attributable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈtrɪbjʊdəb(ə)l/ /əˈtrɪbjʊtəb(ə)l/


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    to be attributable to sth ser atribuible / imputable a algo
    • No securely attributable paintings by Cennino are known, either in Florence or in Padua.
    • The elegance of the building is attributable chiefly to the lead designer.
    • The only real question is how much of this is attributable to the director and how much to the scenario author.
    • It is an example of a well-known model attributable to the Anglo-Florentine sculptor Fanelli.
    • They always arrived on time to hear 170 children sing every carol attributable to Martin Luther.
    • In this room are a pair of toilet coffers attributable to Boulle, which date from about 1700.
    • Other works attributable to the painter include a Nativity.
    • If hungry for more information on these particular poems and the others attributable to Wotton, then that is perhaps no bad thing.
    • This is the version of existentialism attributable to Martin Heidegger and Jean Paul-Sartre.
    • Familiarizing ourselves with a set of assumptions attributable to him would be problematic indeed, as it would be for many other authors.
    • The limitations are attributable to the lack of farm-level price input data.
    • This value increase was also attributable to high inflation, particularly in Mexico.
    • These impacts were directly attributable to the reduced output associated with the land idled under the program.
    • E. coli has been a major cause of human illness outbreaks, mainly attributable to the consumption of contaminated beef.
    • Three died within the first month because of complications attributable to pneumonia.
    • We are hearing some complaints from current occupants about problems attributable to the architect's inexperience.
    • There would be a 40-percent reduction in per capita production of greenhouse gases attributable to automobile use.
    • Are successes or failures attributable to management, board decisions, the economic environment, or member actions?
    • He died of a heart attack during filming, likely attributable to the stress of the epic production.
    • Energy output has been much lower than for a comparable building, although some of that is attributable to an unusually mild winter.