Translation of attribute in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈtrɪˌbjut/ /əˈtrɪbjuːt/ /ˈætrəˌbjut/ /ˈatrɪbjuːt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (assign authorship of)
    to attribute sth to sb atribuirle algo a algn
    • Until recently, the angriest reaction I ever got to one of my reviews was when I criticised an author for attributing thoughts to Teddy Roosevelt's dog.
    • He never attributed the line to Kennedy in his remarks, nor does the transcribed version of his speech.
    • Willfully to misinterpret a text is akin to attributing an action to the author that he did not commit.
    • He attributes this restrictive view to the American author.
    • The official News Agency attributed the remarks to a Foreign Ministry spokesman.
    • By the appearance in 1667 of the Essays, an unusual book that attributed the work to no single author, the academy no longer existed.
    • These remarks were attributed to a social audit, which was conducted by a consultant.
    • While none of these parties can be considered fascist, racist remarks have been attributed to members of these parties.
    • While all the works were attributed to both artists, it was easy for anyone familiar with their oeuvres to recognize who did what.
    • The article was attributed to no specific author.
    • Moreover, because each cult statue was attributed to a particular artist, it was also linked to a particular historic moment.
    • Since the work first appeared in the records of the collection of the Borghese family in the 1790s, it has been attributed to various Renaissance artists.
    • Others have attributed it to the author Lewis Carroll.
    • When apologising for his remark, he also attempted to justify it by attributing the comment to a friend whose son had taken his own life.
    • And I have remembered the author incorrectly, too, having erroneously attributed it to Paul Bunyan, thinking it came from Pilgrim's Progress.
    • I do not attribute the authorship to Mr Nicholson.
    • He attributes the term to a US socialist, but he disowns authorship.
    • Fake quotations were attributed to two genuine public officials.
    • Those statements are attributed to two men who are being held against their will.
    • In his characteristically overgenerous way, Russell attributed his ideas to Ludwig Wittgenstein, who had been his pupil for a short time at Cambridge before the war.
  • 2

    (give as cause of)
    to attribute sth to sth atribuir(le) algo a algo
    • The firm attributed the profit to rising prices and lower interest payments to its creditors.
    • The firm attributes the loss to its heavy investment in the Special Olympics and its involvement in a number of long-term development projects.
    • The firm attributes its success to a talented staff and an open culture that honors individual creativity and nurtures teamwork.
    • We attributed this decrease to human activities associated with development of the park's infrastructure causing dispersal of animals.
    • Other barriers faced by homeless citizens can be attributed to unfair stereotypes associated with the homeless.
    • Allen gave both teams full credit for their victories, attributing their success to the skill, confidence and commitment of the team members.
    • The credit card company attributed the improvement to fewer personal bankruptcies and tightened credit control.
    • Scientists attribute this change to better living standards, particularly in regard to diet.
    • He notes that the two would be interesting to study, to see if any of their similarities can be attributed to their genetic connection.
    • The authors attributed the differences to the circumstances surrounding rehabilitation.
    • The authors attributed this inconsistency to the two cultures' different expectations for children's behaviour.
    • The authors attribute these findings to the overall liberal values of Danish society.
    • The authors attribute this inconsistency to differences in intensive care unit administration and manpower.
    • She attributes her remarkable recovery to the skill of the surgeons - and her love of hunting.
    • Scientists attribute this remarkable longevity to the shark's superior physiological developments.
    • Much of the success could be attributed to the talents of the speaker for the event.
    • If there is a flaw to the film, it can be attributed to the documentary approach.
    • Typically he attributes this success to the quality of his teachers.
    • The older histories of the colony have generally attributed its failure to the character of the French settlers.
    • While people once might have attributed maladies to demonic possession, we now talk confidently about disease-generating microorganisms and parasites.
    • Several of the shoplifting incidents were attributed to two culprits.


  • 1

    atributo masculine
    • He has the height and he is very strong across the chest, shoulders and in the legs - key attributes for good quality rowers.
    • We agreed on the key attributes of the character and the artistic direction.
    • The applicant must show that she has attributes or characteristics which distinguish her from all other persons.
    • Men who pride themselves on how much money they can dish out generally value a woman for her physical attributes rather than her character.
    • Attractive, well built, pleasant character… all the attributes required for a successful and happy life.
    • The true feminine qualities and attributes are mostly lost on this new generation.
    • We all think it feels degrading to be asked to describe the way we look, as if our attributes were the features on a used car.
    • Adding to Carls' numerous attributes is his unmatched character.
    • This is the development of unique features or attributes in a product or service that position it to appeal especially to a part of the total market.
    • He spent a lot of time thinking about the attributes of each character.
    • First, consumers currently have little information about quality attributes when purchasing beef.
    • A major goal of pharmacy education is surely to produce graduates with these qualities and attributes.
    • Respondents ranked the importance of six different quality attributes of a steak they might purchase.
    • The retail sector is characterised by three main attributes.
    • This combination of attributes characterizes good teachers at home and in the classroom.
    • The key attribute, the only one that really matters, is distinctiveness.
    • One approach, the study of gender differences, assesses the attributes and characteristics of men and women.
    • Remember, your integrity and personal character are your greatest attributes.
    • If I had to list my personal attributes, ‘common sense’ would be very high up my list.
    • The workplace no longer values the masculine attributes of strength, forbearance, comradeship and determination.
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    (identifying object)
    atributo masculine