Translation of audacity in Spanish:


audacia, n.

Pronunciation /ɔˈdæsədi/ /ɔːˈdasɪti/


  • 1

    audacia feminine
    • I think the faculty was more impressed by my adventurous spirit and audacity than my celestial beauty in that performance!
    • And it's ten times worse if somebody learns that I've got a website and has the sheer audacity to actually ask for the URL.
    • An amazing scheme - both for it's simplicity and sheer audacity.
    • Only now has the sheer scale and audacity of the operation become clear.
    • Sometimes, you just have to step back and admire the sheer audacity of these guys.
    • For the sheer ambition and audacity of this venture, he deserves to be congratulated.
    • Just as you marvel at the ingenuity of the filmmaking, you laugh at the sheer audacity of it all.
    • The sheer audacity and scope of the Manhattan Project remain impressive today.
    • But the film is also notable for capturing the sheer energetic audacity of Mick Jagger's persona.
    • What gripped you most as you watched him was his sheer audacity.
    • The freshness of the form in both plays is more than matched by the daring freshness and audacity of the content.
    • Then he burst out laughing, and embraced the great designer, congratulating him on his audacity and courage.
    • He scored four times and thrilled the footballing world with his audacity, his fearlessness, his youth.
    • There is no passion, no audacity and no commitment at all evidenced in this film.
    • He came to dominate it by shrewdness, audacity and the huge force and charm of his personality.
    • The reason, in his own words, is his forthrightness and audacity.
    • Like her books, her life story must be read in a historical context to appreciate its richness, its disregard for convention, its audacity.
    • I have seen swallows do this and I marvel at their audacity.
    • The terrorist acts that day were breathtaking in their murderous audacity.
    • The final play of rugby was breathtaking in its audacity.
  • 2

    atrevimiento masculine
    descaro masculine
    he had the audacity to say … tuvo el descaro / el tupé de decir …
    • Once again he was lambasted and mocked when he had the audacity to put forward a logical explanation.
    • She then had the audacity to allege that I had exaggerated the truth in order to win a government grant of 750,000 to improve road safety.
    • I can't believe that person actually had the audacity to say something like that.
    • One of the bars even had the audacity to display a trading certificate in the place where the licence should have been placed.
    • And some little pipsqueak of a lawyer somewhere has had the audacity to question this award.
    • I couldn't believe this guy had the audacity to do something like this in the middle of the day!
    • This idiot and his team of oafs had the audacity to patronize and laugh at Eugene last night.
    • But Dan had had the audacity to simply wander into my life and rearrange it to suit him, and what he wanted.
    • They couldn't believe that Josh had the audacity to say that in front of the boss, but he didn't care.
    • She spoke with disdain in her voice and openly insulted him, then had the audacity to look pleased with herself.
    • He had the audacity to laugh in her face, as if she was still a child.
    • First she betrayed him, then she had the audacity to show up and rescue him.
    • It'd been a while since someone had the audacity to yell at him like that.
    • While she was being tried, she had the audacity to laugh at questions presented to her.
    • Some of the women were indignant that I had the audacity to go on to their patch - it was their territory and I was seen as the intruder.
    • That he had the audacity to dictate what American adults could and could not see was sickening.
    • The boy had the audacity to lie to him, straight in his face for a second time.
    • The sheer audacity and disdain for privacy and civil liberties was amazing.
    • He was annoyed at my audacity, but at least he was honest.
    • Stacey later told police he had no recollection of how he came by the injury and he could not believe their audacity in arresting him.