Translation of audition in Spanish:


dar una audición, v.

Pronunciation /ɔˈdɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɔːˈdɪʃ(ə)n/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    dar una audición
    dar una prueba
    to audition for sth dar una audición / prueba para algo
  • 2

    (company/director) hacer audiciones
    (company/director) hacer pruebas
    • He is not helped by his dialogue, nor the direction, which makes him deliver the two big speeches as if he were auditioning for the part.
    • You feel the precocious Dinah is auditioning for the show rather than extending the narrative.
    • She was working as the director's assistant and she told him about a new drama that she was auditioning for.
    • The girl is a professional actress, and was hired after auditioning for the part.
    • Find out which choreographer and production you will be auditioning for and dress accordingly.
    • Was she auditioning for a horror movie or something?
    • Talented teenagers across Wales are invited to show off their star qualities by auditioning for a very special programme, to be broadcast on BBC Wales in November.
    • After I saw Peter Pan I started auditioning for community theater.
    • We were auditioning for ‘The Sound of Music’, and I couldn't get the dance to save my life.
    • How had she ever let Dan talk her into auditioning for this part?
    • Viewers will see her tonight auditioning for a part in one of the country's most successful musicals, Mama Mia, in London's West End.
    • With the team already looking ahead to next season, its young players are auditioning for future spots.
    • Of course, Jason had been auditioning for six months, ever since he'd gotten his first agent.
    • I was alerted to the fact that you had a bad experience while auditioning for another mainstream film.
    • He and I were auditioning for a part in a play entitled A Small Town's Taming of the Shrew.
    • On the day of your tryout, you will sing the part that you're auditioning for.
    • I'm auditioning for the school play and I have to be at the theater in five minutes.
    • Anyone who would like to audition should wear casual clothing.
    • Anyone keen to audition is welcome to attend a read-through at the school tonight at 7.30 pm.

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer una audición a
    hacer una prueba a
    to audition sb for sth hacerle una audición / prueba a algn para algo


  • 1

    audición feminine
    prueba feminine
    audition for sth audición / prueba para algo
    • The Columbia Men's Ensemble will be holding auditions for experienced singers on Oct. 4.
    • All of its members learn the trade through acting workshops, hands-on experience as extras, or auditions for other roles.
    • Following a rigorous round of auditions and interviews Tony was chosen ahead of hundreds of others a fortnight ago to take up the one year course.
    • After four auditions, an interview and written examination Joseph was accepted into the course of music performance.
    • We wanted to get the perfect script and then we held auditions for the lead roles.
    • The very best were invited to a second stage of auditions and the final group selected after further interviews and auditions.
    • The musicians are selected at auditions similar to those of major symphony orchestras.
    • Too often, dancers show up at auditions unable to deliver anything but the classroom technique they acquired at their home studios.
    • Back in December, I received an e-mail from someone I had interviewed last term regarding auditions for a movie.
    • The trainees were selected from 100 candidates in auditions all over China.
    • This will follow a number of auditions for singers which will be taking place around the country.
    • Often I find, when I attend interviews or auditions, that I haven't done as badly as I initially think.
    • After extensive auditions and screen tests, they picked a young man with brilliant red hair but no real acting experience, at least on television.
    • He takes us through every step of the production process, from securing finance to assembling a crew, then on to auditions, rehearsals and the opening night.
    • Even if you have a stable position in a company, every time you are onstage is potentially an audition for your next role.
    • Athy Musical and Dramatic Society will hold open auditions for the next drama presentation.
    • Glover held nationwide auditions during the winter and spring to seek out twenty-five students for each of the programs.
    • In March, the show held its annual auditions, drawing hundreds of hopefuls vying for the few openings.
    • The nationwide open auditions produced such a wealth of talent that this year the BBC is also inviting back the best of last year's finalists.
    • That season will also be the first time the company holds national auditions in New York and San Francisco.