Traducción de augment en Español:


aumentar, v.

Pronunciación /ɔɡˈmɛnt/ /ɔːɡˈmɛnt/

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verbo transitivo

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    incrementar formal
    • The workers are demanding all the increase go towards augmenting their base pay and that the present two-tier sick leave system be scrapped.
    • The precision may be increased by augmenting the number of samples used.
    • The new link features an expanded shop, revenue from which has become vital to augmenting the budget of any gallery.
    • State governments also increased their participation in the economy by augmenting their control over state banks.
    • The company's performers come from Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Spain, augmenting the best of Irish dancing talent.
    • We are augmenting the police department in New Orleans.
    • He suggests augmenting the menu by drying your own foods - there are several books on this topic available at local sporting goods stores.
    • With her surgeon's permission, she asked de Vries to help, augmenting her conventional treatment with complementary remedies.
    • The military reserve is also augmenting civilian law enforcement.
    • It may be used for purposes such as augmenting the water supply to neighbouring areas.
    • Their prize money of €200 will be put to good use in augmenting the facilities of the school.
    • It is an examination of the impact of technology on augmenting the intelligence of a species.
    • Initially, he saw them mainly as a way of augmenting his slender wage packet, but soon he became obsessed.
    • Just next door in Pakistan, the international media is setting up shop, massively augmenting the local journalists, most of whom write and speak in the Urdu language.
    • At least one million women streamed into the workplace, augmenting the female labor force and taking all kinds of jobs traditionally reserved for men.
    • In the same period, the nation acquired a massive federal government, greatly augmenting the responsibilities of its chief executive.
    • Biologists are augmenting the wild population with 18-month-old animals bred on one of the islands.
    • When the camera shifts to what the actors can see, the audience gets dizzy views of the surroundings, thus augmenting the overwhelming panic that fuels this film.
    • Many augment their basic training with additional practice, on their own time and at their own expense.
    • This carbon dioxide will thicken the atmosphere and augment greenhouse warming.