Translation of augur in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɔɡər/ /ˈɔːɡə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to augur well/ill
    • He said that both sides' willingness to talk augured well for a peaceful outcome.
    • Indeed, to have an operation begin with a helicopter crash does not augur well for its outcome.
    • Those events certainly did not augur well for the success of the project.
    • Initial feedback from participants was very positive and augurs well for the future of a great event.
    • The precedent it set does not augur well for future similar elections.
    • Unfortunately, announcements made in the past few weeks do not augur well for the future.
    • This is a remarkable and welcome achievement that augurs well for the industry.
    • This augurs well for our continuing expansion in the future.
    • This augurs well for dialogue and understanding.
    • But the fact that there are young men and women in India prepared to dedicate their creative energies to this sort of publishing augurs well.
    • This also augurs well for the future of education in Radcliffe as a whole.
    • This is just the second camp organised by this club and a turnout of 120 young children certainly augurs well for its continued success.
    • This augurs well for the future of its political landscape.
    • This was a fine performance by the Chamber of Commerce president and certainly augurs well for her future political prospects.
    • The victory augurs well for the upcoming championship in August.
    • All augurs well for great racing at Killarney in the years ahead.
    • This year it was the young players who formed the backbone of the team, which is great to see and augurs well for the future of golf in Swinford.
    • This talented side have a remarkable success rate this season which augurs well for football in the club over the coming years.
    • This augurs well for a party seeking to be elected into government.
    • This augurs well for strengthening domestic demand next year.

transitive verb

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    • Of course, they augured stuff by poking around in crow guts too, so that's how much they knew.


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    augur masculine