Translation of aura in Spanish:


halo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔrə/ /ˈɔːrə/

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  • 1

    halo masculine
    aura masculine
    • The scene was spectacular: spotlights in the grass cast a fine play of light and shadow, creating an aura of ancient grandeur and mystery.
    • Historical sites of revolutions are often imbued with an aura of romantic mystique.
    • The meditative mood and ethereal atmosphere of the painting create an aura of intimacy that counters the epic scale of its composition.
    • But, generally, the right uniform confers an aura of authority and legitimacy on even the most questionable of occupations.
    • Fans of the artist say his unique color perception translates into images that shimmer with texture, richness of color and an aura of mystique.
    • There was something intriguing about this man; an aura of happiness surrounded him and affected the air he breathed.
    • There was an aura of pride surrounding him, a glow that made him look happy and that ended up making me feel a little better too.
    • An aura of wisdom surrounded her but she looked so young she could have passed as one of Serena's classmates.
    • An aura of mystery surrounded her, but it felt like she was letting me in.
    • In his hand was a long, crimson staff, and an aura of magical strength surrounded him.
    • I still sense an aura of coldness, but I guess that's something I'll have to approach practically next time.
    • What he transmits far more effectively than most designers, including other famous colleagues, is an aura of power.
    • Though an aura of uncertainty hung over the anniversary.
    • Television has played no small part in the creation of an aura of respectability around supernatural mumbo jumbo, whether it be presented as new age or old school.
    • All the furniture in the coffeehouse is of the 1930s style, the dark wood and rare ornaments creating an aura of mystery and peace.
    • Even now, there is an aura of otherworldliness about him.
    • It gives an aura of maturity and authority too, adds another group.
    • Psychiatric classifications have an aura of scientific certitude about them that is not really justified.
    • Much of Mumbai is polluted, overcrowded and frenetic, yet the city has an aura of magic and irrepressible hope.
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    (in spiritualism)
    aura masculine
    • Around their bodies shimmered auras of living energy.
    • Her latest book, Light Body, an intense study of the human aura, spiritual energy and the awakening of the human soul will be published in September.
    • Negative energy that is part of your aura attracts more negative energy.
    • He also believes in auras and has indicated that he believes that some of his ex-wife's gynecological problems may have been due to aliens.
    • The woman grinned and began to chant, an aura surrounding her body.
    • The last thing he remembered was the blue aura surrounding his body and a blinding light.
    • It will include exhibitions of the supernatural, including a display of Kirlean Photography, a system which, it is claimed, shows the body's psychic auras in colour.
    • It is a ‘hands off’ healing modality that teaches people how to scan the aura or the energy field that surrounds the physical body.
    • She started by telling me how she could see my aura was full of negative energy and that she could rid me of it.
    • She hadn't been able to sleep all night, because when she closed her eyes, all she could see were the spirits and auras surrounding her.
    • She claims her special gift is the ability to see people's auras.
    • In Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura.
    • Barbara claims she can do astral healing: psychic surgery on your aura.
    • ‘The ability of some people to see the colored auras of others has held an important place in folklore and mysticism throughout the ages,’ said Ward.
    • I sat there, meditating on bringing my aura closer to my body, and therefore making it less
    • Miri sat calmly at the table, surrounded by an aura of soft green.
    • Her hands then began to glow, surrounded by an aura of white light.
    • I don't believe in the concept of auras, but if I did I would say he was definitely giving off an aura of pure evil.
    • The man on the ground had only a faint aura since he was no longer conscious.
    • Although one of them is stronger, and the other's aura faint.