Translation of Australian in Spanish:


australiano, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔˈstreɪliən/ /ɒˈstreɪlɪən/ /ɔːˈstreɪlɪən/

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    • He has a review of a book of stories about Australian history.
    • Yeah, I think it's getting better and better each time we perform in front of an Australian crowd.
    • There are many poems rooted solidly in Australian landscapes, both literal and emotional.
    • But it remains true that the Australian books which tend to sell the most copies are fiction.
    • The democracies established in the Australian states are now almost 150 years old.
    • He was a member of the Australian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.
    • It was announced earlier this week that due to illness his Australian tour has been cancelled.
    • It is this participatory encouragement by parents that gets the Australian child hooked on sport.
    • The group is in town as part of its Australian tour.
    • The Art in the Heart project highlights the Australian approach to the Arts.
    • Management of the Australian economy is something not to be taken lightly.
    • Thanks Mark for giving us an insight into your opinion of the Australian voter.
    • This is the most passionately crafted and refreshing Australian films I've seen in a while.
    • A number of top wine importers and distributors will have on display the very best of Australian wines.
    • The bank's Australian owner had announced plans to close 100 branches in the UK.
    • In December, 1841, they both crossed to Victoria on the Australian mainland to join the gold rush.
    • For the Prime Minister, this is about the symbolism of the Australian farmer.
    • The Australian protests were part of a coordinated international student strike with US students.
    • In response, Australian employers say they have made good progress on combating the problem.
    • We must remind the Australian people not only of the alternatives, but of the consequences of change.
    • We are appreciative of the Australian government's reaction to the situation.


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    australiano masculine
    australiana feminine
    • Are Scots more likely than Australians to observe their national day with reverence?
    • Most Australians still feel proud of what their nation did to help its tiny neighbour.
    • Along with most Australians, I do not want a world in which one country has all the power.
    • People are mobile and young Australians must be given the tools to compete globally.
    • The Australians cleaned up Baidoa in a matter of weeks for the benefit of the people of that city.
    • Not much is left here from the great reputation Australians got after the Olympics.
    • There is a higher percentage of Australians overseas than there are Americans with passports.
    • When Australians hear that I am a Queenslander born and bred they tend to nod wisely!
    • Finance is the only stumbling block as the Australians are extremely keen on the idea.
    • The Australians looked disorientated at the aggression directed towards them.
    • In the meantime we Australians will have to take this defeat on the chin.
    • Nature periodically reminds Australians just how fragile their hold on the land is.
    • We are working hard to ensure older Australians are able to live in dignity and comfort.
    • Obesity will take lives and destroy the quality of life for the next generation of Australians if we do not act now.
    • If Australians choose to rally around a symbol it should be one that unites not divides.
    • It seems Australians are divided by far more than the old barriers of class and wealth.
    • Before the Australians take all the credit, I should say that the French got there first.
    • Throw in the passionate love of sport of so many Australians, and the stage is set for a memorable Games.
    • I often get nice emails from Australians who have an excellent sense of humour.
    • Young Australians are now exposed to a much broader slice of the world than old generations were.