Translation of authority in Spanish:


autoridad, n.

Pronunciation /əˈθɔrədi/ /ɔːˈθɒrɪti/

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nounplural authorities

  • 1

    • 1.1(power)

      autoridad feminine
      they have no respect for authority no respetan la autoridad
      • those in authority los que tienen la autoridad
      • to have authority over sb/sth tener autoridad sobre algn/algo
      • I have no authority in the matter no tengo competencia en el asunto
      • I'm not in a position of authority no tengo autoridad
      • to exercise one's authority ejercer su (or mi etc.) autoridad
      • That is vital if soldiers are to trust those in authority over them.
      • And this fact will, no doubt, be trumpeted as a success by those set in authority over us.
      • You may clash with somebody in authority over an important and complex matter in what could turn out to be a difficult period.
      • I don't need to have someone in authority over me telling me what I can and cannot do when it comes to my religion.
      • We have a moral centrality that places us in a position of authority over animals.
      • His position gave him great authority over whether and how findings of the federally funded studies were disseminated.
      • Putting him in a position of authority over her was just going to cause problems.
      • Each position in the structure has one position directly exercising authority over it.
      • He lied to his wife and possibly exploited his position of authority over a young intern.
      • He was given full authority over everything, including the decision about subpoenaing journalists.
      • There was one particular person who stood out especially since he was in authority and had a position in the church.
      • A ban is a ban and those in authority should act as strictly as they can legally to enforce it.
      • For conformity and submission to exist within a society, there must be a corresponding need to find security in authority and power.
      • The relationship between children and adults is not an equal one, given that adults are physically larger and stronger and have power and authority over them.
      • A leader who wants power must be prepared to accept decisions made by those in authority whether they are painful or not.
      • Somebody in authority issued an explicit order to withdraw.
      • There are many jurisdictions claiming authority over the same highways.
      • They have broad constitutional authority over the jurisdiction of the federal courts.
      • Why should children listen to those in authority when those in authority have mistreated them?
      • Yet the port authority actually has little authority over its constituencies.

    • 1.2(authorization)

      autorización feminine
      authority to + inf autorización para + inf

      • he had my authority to do it
      • he acted without proper authority
      • to exceed one's authority
      • The accused approached government officials, seeking authority to leave the country.
      • No change of the publication regime is planned, his staff discovers, and the officials involved have no authority to issue any print licenses.
      • And agents do not have permission and have no authority, no jurisdiction to work on Jordanian soil.
      • You said the other night on the show, that the president doesn't need congressional authority to use these military tribunals.
      • This was a very widely drafted section which in effect made it an offence to disclose any official information without authority.
      • The reason is that it is a fundamental principle that the legislature should not act or expend money without parliamentary authority.
      • In fact, the President does not need Congressional authority to respond.
      • Lawyers reportedly told the president that he does not need congressional authority to go to war.
      • Yet when doing so they always sought congressional authority, even if after the fact.
      • Liquor and Gaming Authority had ultimate authority to approve and vet every year of their operations and expenditure plan.
      • These are agreements and contracts sanctioned by the authority of the state.
      • This is why I am not reassured when the government offers that judges rather than politicians should give authority for control orders.

    • 1.3(authoritativeness)

      autoridad feminine
      I can speak with some authority on this subject puedo hablar del tema con cierta autoridad
      • his voice carried authority su voz denotaba autoridad
      • the champion played with real authority el campeón jugó con verdadera maestría
      • One man in particular stood out amongst them, standing with authority and giving commands to anyone who came near.
      • He rose quickly in an army which appreciated his soldierly presence and natural authority.
      • But my enthusiasm waned slightly as I began to realise there are only so many colours that can be cited as ‘lucky’ with authority.
      • Not only did he score two excellent goals but he led the line with authority, showing great strength, and his movement into the channels to receive long passes was first class.
      • As I write, I cannot say with authority when the bulldozers will move onto the forty three acre site, but expect it to be sooner rather than later.
      • I don't read any particular columnist religiously so I can't comment with authority on his philosophy.
      • And I think he's somebody who can speak with authority about what that kind of leadership can provide.
      • And even now, as he pushes the case for war, he is still held in high esteem overseas, a man who speaks with authority.
      • A woman is permitted to chat or babble, but speaking in public with authority is still the greatest transgression.
      • All I'll say is that the guy did well, he spoke with authority and at the same time, took into consideration the feelings of all concerned.
      • He has some grounds to speak with authority about the region.
      • He writes with authority, warmth, wit and infallible scholarship.
      • Speaking with authority, intensity and enthusiasm, Scorsese proves that his greatest passion in life is film.
      • Nothing is further from the truth, and I write here with authority.
      • I cannot speak with authority about other branches of government but I can say that the most yawning gaps are in the key areas of policing and security.
      • Its sales staff, for example, are sent on trips to its holiday destinations so they can talk with authority to potential customers.
      • The five days of the conference will, however, test his confidence and authority to the limit.
      • She had, as a talker, great force and the personal authority of someone whose opinions matter first of all to themselves and then to others.
      • But there is a President who has personal moral authority.
      • It is increasingly important that medical experts have real authority and expertise to retain the respect of their colleagues.
      • I never once questioned the experts' authority or expertise about something I had lived with all my life.

  • 2

    (person, body)
    autoridad feminine
    I will pass on your complaint to the proper authority or authorities haré llegar su queja a la(s) autoridad(es) competente(s)
    • the education authority
    • the council is a government authority set up to … el concejo es una entidad gubernamental creada para …
    • she was detained by the Belgian authorities fue detenida por las autoridades belgas
    • the museum authorities la dirección del museo
    • Apart from the politicians and the health authorities, economists are also worried.
    • These, then, are the various powers under which governmental authorities may act.
    • They are also calling for powers to allow authorities to intervene to protect young people who are at risk from drugs.
    • Both military and civil authorities moved quickly to control opinion through the press.
    • The other mine cited by the source is under the control of the French authorities.
    • The court should seek a report on the action taken by the authorities in implementing the order.
    • The health authorities do not seem to be taking action to stop these activities.
    • Local health authorities have also been flooded with calls about dentists.
    • The threat of a flu epidemic is one of many problems facing scientists and public health authorities.
    • Drug misuse within our community is an issue which the authorities are often accused of ignoring.
    • When a political authority issues a command and the subject has a duty to obey, what is the nature of this duty?
    • To maintain public order, the authorities instituted a regular, salaried police force.
    • The French health authorities are attempting to trace and treat those individuals in France.
    • There was a positive obligation on a public authority to ensure proper protection of rights under the Convention.
    • It's taken him 37 years at the authority to reach the top job, and he's delighted.
    • Last March the planning authority decided to grant permission for the development subject to 34 conditions.
    • When the planning authority gave this permission they clearly intended to protect the amenities.
    • The local health authority granted permission for our study, and local health staff contacted the participants.
    • However, a separate application had been approved by the planning authority.
    • I note that the local police authority has to obtain planning permission before a flag pole can be put up at their new headquarters.
    • Gustav never forgot this brush with authority, and he passed on his fixation with power to his youngest son.
    • This sometimes manifests in what others have referred to as a ‘problem with authority.’
    • I have a problem with authority in general and with government in particular.
  • 3

    • 3.1(expert)

      autoridad feminine
      authority on sth autoridad en algo

      • he is an authority on the subject
      • The early Dissenters and Separatists of the late 15th century were his specialist study, and he became an authority on this subject.
      • Names are so hard to get right - and he is an authority on the subject.
      • She has been 6 years with this work and is clearly now an authority on the subject.
      • Nevertheless, I feel quite confident in my ability to speak as an authority on the subject.
      • Luckily, as an internet writer, I am an authority on this subject, and for once I don't mean that sarcastically.
      • Peter loved jazz and also was quite an authority on that subject.
      • My interest in the form developed late and I make no claim to being an authority on the subject.
      • Fortunately, the auctioneer recognised its importance and sought expert advice from an authority on Elizabethan instruments.
      • He is an authority on medieval heraldry and a professor of history at the Sorbonne.
      • From his undergraduate days he had been recognised as an authority on any abstract subject, and his directness of approach and candour were an inspiration to his associates.
      • He is a local celebrity, and an authority on military history.
      • He was an expert in his area, and quite an authority on Buddhist history.
      • I am still learning about this, so I am not an authority on feminist intellectualism.
      • He was something of an authority on its history, and was keen to share his knowledge with those wanting to learn.
      • What's more, I'm scarcely an authority on grammar, and I can hardly type.
      • He was an authority on the history of Stamford and he lectured locally about the town.
      • He was an authority on English and American literature with a special interest in drama.
      • Betty was also an avid reader and became an authority on Irish and local history, and family genealogy.
      • I am an authority on the self-delusion of addiction.
      • I also hate it when anyone claims to be an authority on culture.

    • 3.2(source)

      autoridad feminine
      my authority for (saying) this is the Bible itself me baso en la propia Biblia
      • I have it on his own authority that … él mismo me ha dicho que …
      • None of the books quotes any sources or authorities for its statements, and all have pathetic indexes.
      • Changes of this sort would, I feel, help to establish the book as an important authority in this crucial and fast-changing field.
      • He was not able to produce any authority in support of his proposition.
      • Your statements of law should be backed up by reference to authorities, statute or case law.
      • Finally, it should be noted that it is not irrelevant to cite an authority to support a claim one is not competent to judge.
      • No authority is cited in support of the premise that the category of ‘all birds’ is somehow constitutionally suspect.
      • No authority was cited in support of a tariff claim for travel of counsel, accommodation or food.
      • In my judgment the authorities support this conclusion which I have reached in principle.