Translation of auto-da-fé in Spanish:


auto de fe, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɔdədəˈfeɪ/ /ˌɔːtəʊdɑːˈfeɪ/

nounplural autos-da-fé

  • 1

    auto de fe masculine
    • They are then dressed in the traditional garb for heretics punished in an auto-da-fé.
    • Impenitents - heretics burned at the stake during autos-da-fé - wore black san benitos decorated with devils and flames.
    • The recent autos-da-fé, however, should serve as reminders of the region's turbulent past and warnings of a possible return to violence and instability in the near future.
    • Putting down his tray, he let out a series of strangulated, guttural screams and jerked his arms in a chilling imitation of an auto-da-fé.
    • Pangloss explains that he wasn't burned as was customary at an auto-da-fé because of the rain.