Translation of autobiographical in Spanish:


autobiográfico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔdəbaɪəˈɡræfək(ə)l/ /ɔːtəbʌɪəˈɡrafɪk(ə)l/


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    • Much of his work is autobiographical but he says this is his most personal project yet.
    • There's a lot of people writing very autobiographical songs and I feel I encouraged people to go in that direction.
    • He also wrote an autobiographical novel in the cruel and sentimental manner: characters as puppets on a string.
    • A few years ago I was supervising a Masters student who was writing an autobiographical novel.
    • First, it could well be the case that writers become more autobiographical as time goes on.
    • Now she has written an autobiographical novel in an attempt to exorcise her trauma.
    • Each article is prefaced by an autobiographical account of its genesis and by other retrospective thoughts.
    • The most famous published autobiographical accounts of the intercontinental trade were predominately male.
    • These stories were written over many years and often rework autobiographical material.
    • So it sounds like there is an autobiographical angle to some of the things that you write.
    • A lot of the incidents in the book actually happened to him, he concedes: but it is not purely autobiographical.
    • He has taken the autobiographical genre and adapted it to suit his own particular requirements.
    • Her autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, appeared under her own name in 1971.
    • The stories strike a balance between being autobiographical and being about society at large.
    • Although she insists the book is not based on her own life, the central character is largely autobiographical.
    • As she points out, most poets these days begin with autobiographical material.
    • Everyone asks her how autobiographical the book is, she says wearily.
    • Only now do we know just how autobiographical these three novels really were.
    • He supplies almost no autobiographical material and tries to come across as just a regular guy.
    • He admits the story is partly autobiographical, drawn from his experiences on the live music scene.