Translation of autocrat in Spanish:


autócrata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔdəˌkræt/ /ˈɔːtəkrat/


  • 1

    autócrata masculine, feminine
    • And he was, if you like, an absolute autocrat, a ruler.
    • As revolution spread to Palermo, Milan and Naples it seemed as if the people of Italy could break the domination of the myriad of foreign rulers and domestic autocrats.
    • They established a framework for a strongly authoritarian government and placed no limitations on the powers of the autocrat.
    • Mind, one would not call them politicians; one would call them despots, or autocrats.
    • We understand we are making the terrorists, dictators and autocrats nervous.
    • Instead, he seeks to change it by promoting liberty, freedom, and eventual democracy in countries ruled by autocrats.
    • It will always contain dictators, autocrats and murderous opportunists who will seek power and its spoils without regard for the death and suffering of others.
    • Democrats can build state capacity, probably more effectively than autocrats.
    • Political leaders, especially autocrats and dictators, have always used writing for propaganda purposes.
    • And it is evidence, observers say, that sustained political engagement, party training, and civil-society building can eventually bring down autocrats.
    • Somewhere even the dictators and autocrats who send ambassadors to dialogue with ambassadors from free states know that to be true.
    • Such security measures have always been associated with autocrats who are profoundly aware of the depth of the popular hatred they arouse.
    • Peace required a deeply conservative political order, built on a single party, run by a paternal autocrat.
    • In order to justify the internal repression that is inherent in non-democratic rule, dictators and autocrats must mobilize their nation for wars against both internal and external enemies.
    • In other cases, autocrats have been forced to introduce modest political changes but have nonetheless managed to limit their scope and hold on to power.
    • An autocrat like Genghis Khan who imposes his will on others, without any reference to principles, does not operate in the realm of justice.
    • It has been suggested so far that the more popular or media-centred depiction of the prime minister as an autocrat may be more of a caricature than an accurate portrait.
    • The fact that the extremists and autocrats have had to resort now to unspeakable violence shows how much they have failed to win the war of ideas.
    • Like every autocrat who has ever seized power, she insisted that she had no alternative but to sack a corrupt and treacherous government.
    • The ageing autocrat obviously intended to remain in power at any cost and by any means.