Translation of autocratic in Spanish:


autocrático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔdəˈkrædɪk/ /ɔːtəˈkratɪk/


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    • That's why in dictatorships or autocratic regimes those in power move quickly to suppress a free press.
    • It will not be possible for anything like these figures to go through unless the Government takes autocratic powers, and uses them to the full.
    • But in other areas there will be total chaos because none of these autocratic rulers have any line of succession.
    • As President he had power and patronage enough to secure by intimidation and bribery the promulgation of a constitution which gave him autocratic power.
    • A global democracy where most of the world is excluded by their own autocratic rulers is scarcely worth having.
    • Democratic movements had started out with the noble intentions of ending the tyranny of autocratic rulers.
    • Other political figures insisted that no changes be made to the autocratic 1945 constitution that gives the president wide powers.
    • It has often been termed a socialistic empire, for it was an aristocratic and autocratic socialism, not a democratic one.
    • Friedrich was an autocratic ruler; he gave his ministers and generals no real responsibility.
    • Remember how the autocratic ruler managed to cling on to power after a controversial war, and waged long and bloody battles against the French?
    • The upsurge of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people forced the government out, destroyed a centuries-old autocratic monarchy and ended the war.
    • The attempts to subvert the constitution and establish an autocratic form of rule have been on the agenda for quite some time.
    • This time democratic rather than autocratic states are determining the shape of the new world.
    • It was deployed by autocratic rulers as an instrument of deep and vast social control.
    • These are dictatorial and autocratic procedures.
    • Elsewhere in the world, when autocratic or undemocratic regimes have passed away, audiences for foreign radio always go into steep decline as the local media improve.
    • Aid to autocratic regimes often fuels corruption and impedes reform.
    • Before the elections, no objections had been aired about the party's constitution or its autocratic structure.
    • An autocratic regime had survived, but the confidence and the security it had once possessed had cracked.
    • Even the most autocratic regime must, at the very least, concern itself with popular disorder.