Translation of autodial in Spanish:


marcación automática, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔdoʊˌdaɪ(ə)l/ /ˈɔːtə(ʊ)dʌɪəl/


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    marcación automática feminine
    discado automático masculine Latin America
    marcado automático masculine Mexico

transitive and intransitive verb

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    marcar automáticamente
    discar automáticamente Latin America
    • She flipped open her PA and looked up ‘Vermont’, then ‘government’, then ‘legal departments’, then ‘Attorney General’, then autodialed the number.
    • When the companies announced their merger, the nation's media reporters autodialed the usual critics of media conglomeration.
    • However, what it doesn't do is put a 1 in front of long distance numbers, so when you autodial the number all you get is a helpful phone company recording that says, ‘We're sorry, you must first dial a 1 when calling this number.’
    • The Address Agent features autodialing of phone numbers.
    • Sabrina hit the FLASH key and then autodialed Chris' cellphone.