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autógrafo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɔdəˌɡræf/ /ˈɔːtəɡrɑːf/

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    autógrafo masculino
    may I have your autograph? ¿me podría dar su autógrafo?
    • autograph album álbum de autógrafos
    • autograph hunter cazador de autógrafos
    • autograph manuscript manuscrito autógrafo
    • I still have their autographs, written in English and Chinese, in my autograph album.
    • Apart from autographs, the gallery also sells small pieces of signed film footage, framed and mounted, the cheapest items in the shop.
    • His job, and his obsession, is collecting and trading in the autographs of celebrities.
    • A small boy approached him later and there was Richard, pen poised, ready to sign an autograph for this admirer.
    • But back in Bolton at the weekend, the 17 year-old wonderkid spent far longer than 97 minutes meeting fans and signing autographs at a celebration in his honour.
    • Now the heat is on to get as many celebrity autographs as possible.
    • The veteran campaigner drew greetings from passing cars, and signed autographs and shook hands with endless supporters.
    • A number of youngsters approached the car and asked for autographs, but were turned away by a security guard.
    • Most of those who write to the stars, ask for an autograph, a photograph, or an autographed photograph, so it is quite easy to fulfil the requests.
    • The staff were delighted to meet our newest celebrities, and they all got autographs, and said the group were very nice.
    • When there is news of a show, fans will find out where the band is staying and try to book rooms in the hotel in the hope they can at least get a glimpse of the celebrity, talk to them or get their autograph.
    • Needless to say, lots of photos were taken and Tony was kept extremely busy signing autographs and chatting to his many young admirers.
    • All the while, Adam was politely giving autographs and smiling graciously to the fans and admirers.
    • It wasn't everyday you met someone who didn't want your autograph when they realized you were a celebrity.
    • The signature of a murderer and autographs from the Royal Family will go on sale in Swindon next week.
    • The four day exhibition, organised by the Autograph Collectors Club of India, has on display over 1,000 autographs from collectors across the country.
    • He signs autographs for those who are kind enough to write.
    • They made a real effort with everyone, posing for pictures and giving autographs.
    • They all wanted our autographs just because they saw us wearing the British kit.
    • And in almost all cases it was the very same - no one seemed to ask for an autograph for themselves, it was always for my son, my daughter, my father, even granny got a few autographs.
    • According to experts, an autograph of a famous person on a share certificate can greatly enhance its value.

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