Translation of automotive in Spanish:


automotor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔdəˈmoʊdɪv/ /ˌɔːtəˈməʊtɪv/


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    automotive industry industria automotriz
    • Many observers agree that the automotive industry is running its supply chain well.
    • The automotive industry had been looking for the downturn ever since the last one.
    • I run a job shop catering to the automotive industry and their mix is always changing.
    • Once upon a time in the automotive industry, every plant had its own way of doing things.
    • We are a major supplier of automotive components in India for one of the auto companies.
    • He'd been with a firm that specialized in aerospace parts that switched to automotive.
    • We also had to make major improvements in the fundamentals of our automotive operations.
    • Which is pretty much what automotive engineers deal with in product development.
    • It took a couple of hours to do each individual plate and there are hundreds in each automotive fuel cell.
    • The second, far less influential activity was my entry into the automotive field.
    • As we know well, most of the cost of any automotive system is determined in the early design stages.
    • Pressure to reduce automotive electronics component prices has never been so bad.
    • I work for a small automotive supplier who has seen the same price cutting demands for years.
    • In the automotive business today, the price for a given product is fixed over the short term.
    • This has been enough to get some people in the automotive world to take notice.
    • Right now, automotive suppliers and manufacturers are on a journey that has no map.
    • It seems pretty clear that the human race is fouling up the earth by our profligacy and one of the biggest fouling agents is automotive fuel.
    • Look for an auto parts wholesaler who is a known expert in the field of automotive technology.
    • Its principal target customers are from the financial services and automotive industries.
    • Well, we foresee that the three main applications would be in automotive transportation and home fuel.