Translation of autonomous in Spanish:


autónomo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔˈtɑnəməs/ /ɔːˈtɒnəməs/

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    (state/region) autónomo
    autonomous peripheral periférico autónomo
    • They have established an alternative system of government with autonomous regions, and district and village level authorities.
    • The process was designed, in Stalin's words, to produce republics and autonomous regions that were national in form, but socialist in content.
    • It resembles more a treaty between separate autonomous nation states than a real binding constitution for a single European state.
    • Farmers held protests last week in 11 of the country's autonomous regions, calling for compensation.
    • By contrast the perspective of creating a separate state or an autonomous region was geared to the requirements of the elite.
    • The State Council has stipulated that each province, municipality and autonomous region must report on traffic safety every quarter.
    • The country is divided into twenty-three provinces, five autonomous regions, and four municipalities.
    • The Spanish government designated it as an autonomous region in 1985.
    • The arid land of this autonomous republic supports a nomadic lifestyle.
    • Soon it was in conflict with an autonomous republic in its territory, which it wanted to retain.
    • But those elections may not prevent the country effectively dividing into three autonomous regions.
    • There were seventeen of them - one minister from each of the seventeen autonomous regions.
    • The autonomous region is now in the next stage of a grindingly long battle between tradition and modernity.
    • The Aland Islands are a self-governing autonomous part of Finland.
    • There is no autonomous indigenous community, independent of the state.
    • Federalism is a trickier concept in the European context because the Member States are not political subdivisions of the Union, but rather sovereign and autonomous entities.