Translation of autumn in Spanish:


otoño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔdəm/ /ˈɔːtəm/


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    otoño masculine
    (day/weather) (before noun) de otoño
    (day/weather) (before noun) otoñal
    in (the) autumn en (el) otoño
    • in the autumn of his life en el otoño de su vida
    • autumn colors colores otoñales
    • autumn term primer trimestre
    • All trials were conducted in the autumn of 1996, and summers and autumns of 1997 and 1998, during the dry season characteristic of the region.
    • Come autumn, the leaf colour warms up, becoming singed with red, a real treat to witness.
    • He said it was given to her in the autumn of 1997, with a copy kept for the company's files.
    • Romania has hot summers, cool autumns, and cold winters with snow and winds.
    • From the start of the autumn term in September, she will be deputy head teacher at Headlands.
    • She said a holiday booked in the autumn of one year might be taken the following autumn.
    • As part of this task he travelled to the United States on a fact finding tour in the autumn of 1898.
    • At 42, he is in the autumn of his career and cannot quite work out why he keeps winning.
    • Only once have I seen out a full summer here, many autumns I have been away, but to date I have missed only two springs.
    • It will be warmer all year round, with most of the warming taking place in the summer and the autumn.
    • In the autumn of the following year I was in Dudley town centre, a place I rarely visited.
    • One touring show has fallen by the wayside since the autumn season brochures were printed.
    • We will soon have the main autumn leaf fall on top of this, resulting in clogged up drains.
    • Colorado has the most lovely summers and autumns.
    • In consequence the autumn colours are muted, just soft dusty yellows for the most part.
    • In the U.K. we will have hotter springs and summers, with warm but extremely wet autumns and winters.
    • Ohio wineries have discovered that their long autumns and late November freezes are ideal.
    • In autumn when the leaves lie thick on the ground, these diligent workers sweep up and bag the leaves.
    • Visit in late summer or autumn, though, and you will see this charming medieval city at its best.
    • Limit future infections by keeping excess moisture off the foliage in the autumn and winter.