Translation of auxiliary in Spanish:


auxiliar, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔɡˈzɪljəri/ /ɔɡˈzɪl(ə)ri/ /ɔːɡˈzɪlɪəri/ /ɒɡˈzɪlɪəri/


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nounplural auxiliaries

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    • 1.1(helper, additional person)

      auxiliar masculine, feminine
      ayudante masculine, feminine
      teaching auxiliary ayudante profesor ayudante
      • nursing auxiliary enfermero auxiliar
      • A nursing auxiliary on ward 23 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, she joined the NHS in 1979 and is now a health care assistant in elderly care.
      • When she finally left Quarriers, aged almost 17, she eventually secured a job as a nursing auxiliary with the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow.
      • Ruth found work as a nursing auxiliary at the Victoria Hospital, in Okus Road, and later at BHS, in the town centre.
      • She works as a nursing auxiliary at the Gloucester Royal Hospital.
      • He alleges that Gloria, a nursing auxiliary, administered a drug overdose.
      • Children who gain one-to-one assistance from a teaching auxiliary are having that withdrawn as head teachers were forced last week to lay off valued staff.
      • Another insult is the plan to create 5,000 posts for ‘pedagogical assistants’ or auxiliaries.
      • I've also worked as a counter assistant at Boots and as an auxiliary in a care home.
      • Welfare is no longer an auxiliary to the ongoing economic life of the people but has become almost their total economic existence.
      • Every communication channel should be considered an auxiliary to, or an amplification of, our intelligence.
      • As an auxiliary of the hotel itself, the bar is not obliged to pack itself with human garbage just to pay the rent.
      • Qualified nurses can earn up to £22,015 but the maximum wage for auxiliaries is only £12, 615-a tiny fraction of even the cheapest flat in the area.
      • Also, vacancies for midwives and auxiliaries are not being filled until a final decision is made on the future of the two units, due on May 25.
      • The unit is led by eight midwives, three of them are full-time, and there are five auxiliaries.
      • The Chippenham unit employs a total of 21 midwives and auxiliaries, some of whom work part time.
      • The guardians and auxiliaries, and all others equally with them, must be compelled or induced to do their own work in the best way.
      • He said closing the units would save £318,000, of which £108.391 would be to reduce staffing costs of 11.5 full-time midwives and auxiliaries.
      • She told the Daily News that an auxiliary told her the massacre ‘was a reprisal for what had occurred in the morning.’
      • An auxiliary American to help with pronunciation would be a good thing, but only as an auxiliary.
      • The National Hospital of Sri Lanka in Colombo has already imposed limits on overtime for drivers, attendants, labourers, sanitary workers and other health auxiliaries.

    • 1.2auxiliaries pluralMilitary

      tropas auxiliares feminine
      • In addition, it tends to slight the tremendous growth of auxiliaries and parallel organizations.
      • In order to launch the WMU and to assure its survival as an auxiliary, the organization needed a strong, tenacious leader.
      • Beginning in the mid-1880s, the railroad brotherhoods' women's auxiliaries gave institutional voice to women's concerns.
      • She was an active community volunteer with hospital auxiliaries for 40 years in Sydney and later in Lunenburg, as well as with other organizations.
      • She's also president of the center's volunteer auxiliary, although that's more or less by default.
      • Creating networks of their own, female students established clubs and auxiliaries, like the OWLs at Gallaudet College, Camp Fire Girls at state schools, and the NFSD auxiliary club.
      • What a great job hospital auxiliaries do to support our health system.
      • The women's auxiliary also organised protests and demonstrations, and went round other unions to raise solidarity donations.
      • People who missed the service can support the project through mailing donations to the auxiliary.
      • The president was presented with a special award for the auxiliary's fundraising work over the last 12 months.
      • The Club includes not only the people in the front office who operate the team but also, in a kind of women's auxiliary, many of the writers and broadcasters who follow the game and purport to explain it.
      • The Ladies auxiliary will also be selling merchandise at the Village Barrow, on the corner of Magellan and Molesworth Streets, from 9 am to 2 pm.
      • For many, the waffles baked by the ladies auxiliary on the old-fashioned heart-shaped iron, topped with cream sauce, proved irresistible.
      • Her many years in the auxiliary included being vice-president.
      • This latest donation means the auxiliary has raised almost $180,000 to help look after sick people.
      • Each of the ladies has been with the auxiliary for 15 years or more, and the current president said the awards were a way of recognising their vital input.
      • She said the celebrations also mark 100 years of the auxiliary.
      • The ladies auxiliary will have food available.
      • Some of the ladies from the auxiliary were up the other day, putting little flags on the graves.
      • During the Great War the WPV / WPS had worked in collaboration with the authorities and with the Ministry of Munitions, being one of many independently - run women's auxiliaries in wartime.

  • 2also auxiliary verb

    verbo auxiliar masculine