Translation of availability in Spanish:


disponibilidad, n.

Pronunciation /əˌveɪləˈbɪlədi/ /əveɪləˈbɪlɪti/


  • 1

    (of funds) disponibilidad feminine
    (of goods) existencias feminine
    (of labor) oferta feminine
    check the availability of spare parts averigua si es posible conseguir repuestos
    • the easy availability of alcohol la facilidad con que se consiguen las bebidas alcohólicas
    • subject to availability siempre y cuando los/las tengamos en existencias
    • Remove bird feeders to help lower the availability of food for voles.
    • The soil moisture profile should be replenished by the third week of June to provide for optimum water availability.
    • Accurate prediction of fertilizer nitrogen availability will be difficult.
    • The availability of modern health services in the larger cities contributes to better and early diagnosis.
    • The efficacy is affected by the availability of molecular oxygen in the targeted tumor tissue during irradiation.
    • The widespread availability of computer technology makes the application of ecological footprint analysis feasible as a homework assignment for the students.
    • College characteristics such as cost, availability of financial aid, and location are all considered.
    • Both groups identified the availability of career opportunities as the most influential factor in their selection of an academic major.
    • One consequence is a reduction in the availability of educated professionals for the agricultural industry.
    • Food availability was not an issue.
  • 2

    (being free)
    disponibilidad feminine
    availability for sth disponibilidad para algo
    • The inspector will inquire about the availability of the staff during the survey time schedule.
    • Any teams interested in entering should contact the tournament organizer with details of their availability.
    • We made an inquiry last week to establish his availability.
    • His apparent availability may now alert other interested parties as well.
    • They are compiling a list of every officer's availability to fly to Southeast Asia to help with the search.
    • The message has been sent out to all divisions asking for the availability and status of certain specialists including forensic officers.
    • He was cited for his knowledge and skill and his availability to his fellow doctors in caring for mutual patients.
    • He never placed barriers in the way of his warmth and friendship, and his availability to help any of his colleagues.
    • He announced his availability to serve as energy czar in the new administration.
    • He was a frequent pundit on TV news, where he twice floated his availability to return as police chief.