Translation of available in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈveɪləb(ə)l/


  • 1

    to be easily / readily available ser fácil de conseguir
    • cigarettes are available in packs of 10 or 20 los cigarrillos vienen / se venden en paquetes de 10 o 20
    • these cups are available only as part of a set estas tazas solo se venden como parte de un juego
    • brochures are available on request hay folletos a disposición de quien los solicite
    • food and drink will be available at the fair en la feria habrá comida y bebida
    • the smallest size/the only brand available la talla más pequeña/la única marca que hay
    • available only on prescription venta bajo receta médica
    • This option is only available to those able to pay an initial consultation fee.
    • Workers will be able to find out about what help will be available to them to find another job.
    • This information seems to have been obtained from file notes which were not made available to us.
    • They will also be able to advise on the type of grants and funding available to you locally.
    • All it has to do is be available to subscribers in places where other access is expensive or exclusive.
    • We need to improve the information available to patients on quality and access.
    • The new service will be centralised, and available to all those authorised to access it.
    • Extra resources will be made available to act on information provided by members of the public.
    • The plans, which also include a club house, are now available to view at Telegraph House.
    • The cash will be available to local authorities, charities and disability groups.
    • They should have had the funds available to carry out the work on the chapel.
    • Counselling and a helpline have been made available to pupils and a book of remembrance is being set up.
    • It wants to expand to make sure tennis is available to any level of player, from beginner to advanced.
    • The report produced by the planning inspector is expected to be available to the public this week.
    • There are no records available to show whether other mice have lived as long.
    • The board should encourage the government to increase the tax breaks available to donors.
    • Whether such financial help will be available to Edinburgh to restore the site is unlikely.
    • Adam also highlighted worries that the drug might not be equally available to all sufferers.
    • My conscience is clear as I know we gave her the best we could with what we had available to us.
    • I have written a poem about this but it is not available to me at the moment.
  • 2

    (at sb's disposal)
    (resources/manpower) disponible
    available for sth
    available to sb
    the available funds los fondos disponibles
    • to examine the available alternatives / the alternatives available estudiar las posibles alternativas
    • use every available means to prevent it usa todos los medios a tu alcance / de que dispongas para impedirlo
    • he uses every available minute for studying aprovecha cada minuto que tiene para estudiar
    • book me on the earliest available flight consígame un billete en el primer vuelo que pueda
  • 3

    (free, contactable)
    is the principal available? ¿está libre el director?
    • Mr Smith is not available for comment el señor Smith no está dispuesto a formular declaraciones
    • when will you be available to start work? ¿cuándo podrá empezar a trabajar?
    • I'm available all day on this number se me puede localizar a cualquier hora del día en este teléfono
    • He was not available for comment on Monday but has vowed to clear himself of the allegations.
    • Nor could we depend on the same people being available the next day to finish an interrupted game.
    • She added that the necessary staff are not available at weekends to allow people to view their cars.
    • How can they be available for a photo opportunity but not there to help people in their hour of need?
    • As a manager I used to get stressed on Friday when players would ring and say they were not available.
    • I did write a show and had him in mind for the lead but he was not available.
    • He wants them to be successful immediately so he buys the world's best available players.
    • They were quite willing to sit down and talk to us and even gave the council dates when they were available.
    • When the town casts around for someone to blame Vernon is the best available candidate.
    • It is inevitable that when a staff photo of a bus company is taken, not all members are available.
    • All this was done at a time when staff were available and the word redundant was unknown.
    • If anybody is looking for a new football manager then remember Harry is available again!
    • Since she is not available, the only evidence of this is what she has told Graham.
    • The procedure is now often carried out in units where no such team is available.
    • To learn from books was only possible for Nicholas if people were available to read to him.
    • You can also specify the area and days you're available to find a voluntary position to suit you.
    • She said the youngsters had a high level of need but the teachers were not available to support them.
    • The number of staff affected is unknown and nobody from the firm was available for comment.
    • Entrants should indicate if they will be available to travel to Westport in the event of winning.
    • It is unclear how many Muslim teachers work in Scotland and would be available to run such schools.
  • 4euphemistic

    libre y dispuesto
    • Taking Sydney, a city much decried for its man shortage, the census shows the number of available men actually outnumbers available women in most age groups.
    • Married men have been chasing single women for a very long time and available women have been falling for them for just as long.
    • When you are in a relationship with a woman and you are doing your best to remain faithful you can begin to stop looking for single or available women.
    • It is for these reasons that singles travel groups have become a common option for guys to find interesting and available women.
    • It is for these reasons that singles travel groups have become a common option for guys to find interesting and available women.
    • There are a lot of great women out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams but finding these available women can take a little creativity.
    • There is one burning question that most women over the age of 35 discuss all the time - where on earth are all the interesting and available men?
    • From the Oprah show, they did a "scientific" study of where the available men are, and I note that my city didn't make the list.