Translation of aver in Spanish:


afirmar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈvər/ /əˈvəː/

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transitive verb averring, averred, averred

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    • ‘I guess these sorts of things happen in every field but since this is a glamour field, they are highlighted more,’ she avers.
    • In his prologue he avers that the international community faces a period that is ‘uncertain and politically unstable’.
    • ‘When I went to the US and the UK for training, I visited hospitals, schools, police stations and other organisations to study their management methods,’ he avers.
    • ‘My fascination for skyscapes has developed subsequently and attempting to catch those natural kaleidoscopic patterns in vibrant rich colours is a humbling experience for me,’ he avers.
    • September 1973, he avers, was the result of ‘the devastating collapse of the Chilean economy’ and ‘Chile's increasing polarized political environment’.
    • ‘The best way to help animals is not to eat one,’ he avers.
    • ‘They attend the monthly review meetings and rectify the problems immediately,’ she avers.
    • ‘The epic of Vyasa is not a literary masterpiece out there, somewhere in the past, or tucked away in airconditioned museums and libraries,’ he avers.
    • ‘One should always be ready for a switchover,’ she avers.
    • Located in South Delhi's Vasant Kunj area, it has been promoted by a homeopath who avers that natural health foods should be part of everyone's daily diet.
    • Amid the many trials of their maiden adulthood, she avers, they feel perversely compelled to refute the proper sovereignty of boomer parents in their lives.
    • ‘More than the structure or the subject, I like to capture the mood a monument presents, like that of Taj Mahal,’ she avers.
    • ‘Since the Emmys are on ABC, it makes sense for ABC to sponsor the banners,’ he avers.
    • ‘In a few years these worn-out structures may vanish and I want to document the village life,’ he avers.
    • ‘I do not face any problems during my martial arts practise and compete equally with others,’ she avers.
    • Queries for customised ties have been pouring in, he avers.
    • ‘It is a good idea then to implement this course in colleges across the country,’ she avers.
    • Match them with right adjectives and see the impact, he avers.
    • Being open-minded is prerequisite to learning Vedic mathematics, he avers.