Translation of averse in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈvərs/ /əˈvəːs/


  • 1

    to be averse to sth ser reacio a algo
    • Strong and aggressive, he is not averse to a bit of shirt pulling and uses his arms effectively to hold off defenders.
    • Now some of you may know that if an opportunity arises of a little fun with a person of the opposite sex I'm not averse, rare as it is.
    • Some will be risk averse, others close to retirement and unwilling to jeopardise their futures.
    • He was averse to the consumerist craze of the middle class, which has led to the bankruptcy of capitalist mores.
    • I also stand to see the value of my property increase, which I'm not averse to.
    • I am a recent alumna of the University of Waterloo and do not consider myself in any way averse to liberal writing.
    • Fortunately for us, our kidnappers are not averse to a bit of bargaining.
    • I've noticed I'm becoming more and more averse to what I call overt luxury.
    • They are not suitable for risk averse investors on any grounds.
    • He was a man known to be extremely controlling and averse to intrusions.
    • As a seriously risk averse individual you should start with mutual funds.
    • Come winter though, wombats are not averse to a little basking in the sun.
    • Definitely not a stock for the risk averse, Amvescap is one of the most attractive in the British market.
    • But as investors in such firms have learnt this year, the sector is not as risk averse as had been widely perceived.
    • She does seem like the type who could think up such a thing and I'm sure a publisher wouldn't be averse to the idea.
    • Even so, I wouldn't be averse to a little greying at the sides, giving me a certain distinguished appearance.
    • The steam-baked ada can satisfy those who are averse to sugar and oily items.
    • Gradually, then, no one who is averse to the teacher union message is going to choose to become a teacher.
    • Even now he is flooded with offers, still he has resolved to keep off since he is averse to writing songs for set tunes.
    • Besides, this thinking goes, families tend to be overprotective, risk averse and are to be mistrusted.