Traducción de avid en Español:


ávido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈævəd/ /ˈavɪd/

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  • 1

    (reader/interest) ávido
    (fan/follower) ferviente
    • She looked at me with avid interest, with those eyes so much like mine.
    • She was used to befriending her students and taking an avid interest in their lives.
    • Most of them read cookery books with as much avid interest as articles about dieting.
    • Pat had a lifelong interest in model railways and was an avid reader on the topic.
    • An avid air enthusiast, Andy has travelled all over the world in pursuit of his hobby.
    • She was a keen letter writer, an avid reader and biblical student, and was active in church and community.
    • I am not an avid reader of other newspapers because they are too focused on just real news stories.
    • An avid reader, Dr. Murray was a man who greatly enjoyed home life with his wife and family.
    • Denton hopes it will also be a resource for avid readers or students of writing.
    • He was also an avid reader of the newspapers and a great man for television and radio programmes.
    • An avid reader, he took his first forays in the world of writing during his childhood years.
    • I am an avid reader of your magazine and look forward to picking up my issue every Thursday.
    • The man used to be an avid reader, but deteriorating eyesight has put an end to that activity.
    • He has rarely been interviewed and though he is an avid reader of newspapers, he has no wish to read about himself.
    • As for the soldiers who do the killing and dying, they are unlikely to be avid readers of serious newspapers.
    • Two avid readers of this column had seen us arrive and kindly retained their table until we were ready to take over.
    • An avid reader, he was also a committed Christian and regularly attended church.
    • The middle classes are the most avid readers of novels, non-fiction and even poetry.
    • An avid reader, she used to carry around a list of tricky words to help her to remember their spellings.
    • He had a great love for his country and was an avid reader of Irish and local history.
  • 2

    to be avid for sth estar ávido de algo
    • Many of the friendly people they met in Ballina, NSW, showed a great interest in the Irish sister town, after which it is named, and were avid for information about Ballina, Co. Mayo.
    • He published this clarification in the Architectural Record for American art lovers, who were avid for information about what was happening in the Old World.
    • Here, Labour and the Conservatives - lacking the activist enthusiasm that sustained them for most of the last century - are avid for the costly substitute of electronic technology.
    • Recently issued authors (and more especially their publishers) are always avid for a ‘plug’ for the current product.
    • Contrary to much prejudice, they do not want to sponge off the state: most asylum-seekers seem to me avid for work.
    • The Observer reported that the play was attracting young people who were avid for its message.
    • Well, one is avid for heroes when one's young; especially among one's contemporaries.
    • She is chillingly avid for gold in the gambling scene.
    • But he must be treated as being a man who is not avid for scandal.
    • The public was avid for depictions of events it had heard or read about, and the authenticity of the depiction was a significant factor in their appreciation.
    • The Second Empire, generally avid for control and order, sought to regularize commerce by the reconstruction of the central market.
    • She was treated with particular savagery by cartoonists, who represented her as ugly, overdressed, over-fecund and avid for diamonds and pearls.
    • Like the wine merchant they were all avid for news, but had little to give him in return, certainly no chance mention of a priceless jewelled mask.
    • His conversion was much more gradual, taking root slowly but tenaciously in a nature avid for the life of faith.
    • The photographers would not have chased Diana down that Parisian tunnel if the public had not been avid for pictures of the princess.
    • No, not avid for scandal is the one right at the end of the line.
    • Smith remains avid for what used to be called the final form of the text.
    • Gathered by journalists avid for war copy, the audience of the tales was vastly expanded by an uncritical press.
    • The enemy in this case is our imaginations, avid for the spectacle of catastrophe.