Translation of avowed in Spanish:


declarado, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈvaʊd/


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    • In the 2005 parliamentary elections, 99 per cent of Kurds voted for nationalist parties with an avowed secessionist agenda.
    • Stormfront has become a bridge to the mainstream, where controversial comments strangely mirror the rhetoric of avowed racists.
    • The indulgence was a consequence of the context, of the avowed project.
    • We are endangered from the outside by our avowed enemies.
    • Sinclair Lewis, however, was an avowed admirer.
    • Berezovsky is now in exile in London, an avowed enemy of President Putin.
    • A failed school teacher who became Minister of Education; a one-time Methodist minister turned avowed atheist.
    • Likewise Montesquieu in his Essay on Taste owes him more than is avowed.
    • Mr. Blunkett was clear in his avowed intention to undertake full consultation.
    • The executives of international oil corporations, avowed globalizers in theory, are in practice the friends of regressive political economies.
    • They're avowed enemies of the current Cuban state.
    • The defendants avowed intention was to disrupt the airfield.
    • The Italian Pontecorvo, an avowed communist, had wanted to make a tract against colonialism.
    • He is, at once, a forward looking evolutionist, and an avowed eugenicist.
    • She firmly believes in her father's avowed words.
    • The same general policy was true for adults, and the avowed aim of the justice system was rehabilitation.
    • His invocation of Lincoln and Washington, and his avowed determination to make hard choices, suggest the former.
    • Trocchi, novelist and avowed internationalist, could keep quiet no longer.