Translation of await in Spanish:


esperar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈweɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wait for)
    we are anxiously awaiting more news estamos impacientes a la espera de / esperando más noticias
    • await further instructions espere a recibir nuevas instrucciones
    • the result still awaits confirmation el resultado no ha sido confirmado aún
    • prisoners awaiting trial detenidos a la espera de juicio
    • a long awaited event un acontecimiento muy esperado
    • The trout fishing event was eagerly awaited, there was a large entry for Senior and Junior events.
    • That the sequels are the most eagerly awaited cinematic event of the year is not in question.
    • She had earlier spent several months in the prison on remand while awaiting trial.
    • I constantly kept looking out of my bedroom window awaiting the big event.
    • I doubt whether fine moral judgements are that convincing to a heifer awaiting its death.
    • We ordered at the servery and while awaiting our meal viewed the tranquil scene.
    • On one occasion, her cooker broke down on a Sunday morning, while six guests awaited their breakfast.
    • Cavalry were meant to await a breakthrough before exploiting breaches in enemy lines with a heroic drive forward.
    • Possibly it will convince me that it is time to get a proper job, settle down and get married and have kids and await my inevitable death.
    • We await your performance with interest and not a little trepidation.
    • The man appeared before a magistrate and was remanded to Bordelais to await trial.
    • Odessa are well on the way to completing their eagerly awaited debut album, which is due out early May.
    • This event is anxiously awaited every year by those Pattaya folk who know how to shop for a great bargain.
    • She says she has done whatever she can in this life and now she only awaits death at the right time.
    • This depicts a seated lady with an animal head, in front of whom are two animals that appear to be awaiting sacrifice.
    • After a few minutes the whole of the crew were on the command deck and awaiting the briefing.
    • As the three boys awaited the end of snack, they strolled all around the school campus.
    • He said the postmortem results on the cause of the baby's death were awaited.
    • Grace moved over to a pile of flowers located not far from the bodies that awaited burial.
    • Our legal advice is that we must await the conclusion of the tribunal report.
  • 2

    (be in store for)
    who knows what fate awaits us quién sabe qué nos deparará el destino
    • The biggest prizes at the top events await anyone who can conquer their nerves and make the most of the current gap in the market.
    • Another unique transportation adventure awaits you on one of Hong Kong's buses or trams.
    • An even bigger surprise awaits fans of Dylan's craft who make it to the end of the piece.
    • Once in the driving seat, a truly great motoring experience awaits you.
    • All that was before any of us realised what a long, drawn out affair was awaiting us.
    • A little surprise awaited me inside the building I had seen my whole life and never been inside.
    • He says that a bigger trauma awaited him after the theft, in the form of claiming insurance.
    • What adventures await our hero in the post-communist utopia of the Czech Republic?
    • Some of the tribunals are still in session, and we don't yet know what nasty shocks await us.
    • If we still insist on remaining blind, only worse kinds of defeat will await us in the future.
    • Another surprise awaits us when we calculate the length of the diagonal across the brick.
    • It only took several seconds to reach his locker and another surprise awaited him.
    • These were the treasures that awaited us at the local candy store, a mere crosswalk away.
    • He had already printed out our tickets and the ferry awaited us, and the three people behind us.
    • A rich assortment awaits the kids with illustrated mythologies to the latest fun publications.
    • Fame, fortune and an executive directorship awaits you should you succeed.
    • A whole new carbohydrate-heavy cuisine awaits you; can I have some bread with my rice and noodles?
    • But mostly I see and feel every step and every breath as a prayer… with thanks for all that awaits me.
    • Many of our soldiers, sailors and airmen will be lost or severely wounded many lives will be shattered as a very grave period awaits us.
    • We share what we have, one homeless person to another, and so step a little closer to the home that finally awaits us.