Translation of awaken in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈweɪkən/ /əˈweɪk(ə)n/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • The telephone starts to ring awakening me from sleep.
    • The couple were awakened from their sleep by the loud explosion.
    • TV news kept it secret, but homeless children in shelters across the country report being awakened from troubled sleep and alerted by dead relatives.
    • A young buck had been awakened from a long sleep.
    • Following a cozy soak, they retired to the bedroom, eventually fell to sleep but were awakened by the smell of smoke.
    • I simply went back to sleep until I was awakened by the unusual effect of the train moving.
    • Symptoms that are not typical of OSD include pain at rest, thigh pain, or very severe pain that awakens a child from sleep or makes him cry.
    • Hypnic headaches begin during sleep, awakening the person - usually at the same time every night.
    • The participants completed the sleep log immediately after awakening each morning.
    • For the purpose of this paper we will concentrate on the types of dreams that are normally reported when subjects are awakened from REM sleep.
    • But when they were tested immediately after being awakened from REM sleep, the exact opposite happened.
    • If you're awakened during REM sleep, you may recall vivid dreams.
    • It could've only been about an hour and a half before I feel asleep, but I slept until I was awakened by the front door opening.
    • Jordan popped right out of her sleep, awakened by his reaction.
    • The patient should be awakened from sleep every two hours and avoid should strenuous activity for at least 24 hours.
    • He had finally dozed into a fitful sleep only to be awakened by a horrible dream, his only problem, he couldn't remember it.
    • Nightmares are vivid and terrifying nocturnal episodes in which the dreamer is abruptly awakened from sleep.
    • The entire team awoke early, all unable to sleep when they were awakened.
    • Half of the women reported being awakened from sleep with severe sweating.
    • I looked down and saw him moving around slightly as if he had just been reluctantly awakened from a deep sleep.

transitive verb

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    to awaken sb to sth abrirle los ojos a algn sobre algo
    • It also, with hindsight, awakens us to how fragile our governments are.
    • Barry is pushed deeper and deeper into a hair-tearing abyss, until his sister introduces him to Lena Leonard who, with deceptively simple tenderness in this love story, awakens Barry to his inner strength.
    • Heidegger's work ought to awaken us to what we can and cannot do.
    • He contends that ‘public pressure can awaken Congress to an opposition role.’
    • A glimpse of the silent rage of China's populace has awakened Japan to the need for a comprehensive regional strategy.
    • The pain, fear, and confusion they will feel will awaken them to what is real and they will learn how to be of service to real people, in real life situations.
    • The living-wage movement has helped awaken America to the fact that many of its citizens make wages that cannot provide them with even a minimally decent life.
    • I believe the idea is that Wheeler is trying to awaken Emily to the pleasures available to her.
    • Because it awakens you to the difficulties of the real world.
    • By the vigor of its voice his Diary awakens us to the value of daily experience, taken as it comes, trivial or momentous, troubling or enjoyable, all together.
    • Birdsong awakens us to the art of nature, birds' variety to nature's skill and imagination.
    • The call awakens him to the hard political reality of the City under the military occupation.
    • His quest awakens her to the possibility of a life that is more than just a series of promotions and salary renegotiations.
    • She poured every moment of her life in awakening us to this truth.
    • The presence of homeless youth threatens to spark feelings of empathy in people's hearts, awakening them to the fundamental injustices in the world they inhabit.
    • Or have the number of postponements finally awakened us to the fact that it is a bit pointless starting the season knowing that half your games won't even go ahead?
    • And look at what happened to him by the end of his life because those of us who spoke out awakened him to understand that what he's doing is not acceptable.
    • Spontaneous action can help awaken us to the possibility of uncertainty, and reveal routine as a construction entirely of our own minds.
    • It can also awaken us to the nastier side of humankind.