Translation of awards ceremony in Spanish:

awards ceremony

acto de entrega de premios, n.


(award ceremony)
  • 1

    acto de entrega de premios masculine
    • The website carries photos of celebrities attending award ceremonies, dressed in glamorous attire.
    • The star was named best musical artist at the LA-based awards ceremony in February 2006.
    • After some milling about, the awards ceremony gets underway.
    • We've not been to that many award ceremonies, and as a band we're not really into that whole business of being seen.
    • They will find out whether they have won at the glittering awards ceremony, but they face stiff competition.
    • The invitations to present award ceremonies across Europe and play gigs in far-flung places are stacking up.
    • This is the first year that the prestigious awards ceremony has included an award of this type and they are collectively and understandably delighted.
    • When we get invited to awards ceremonies, we all just want to know if we've won or not.
    • Finalists gathered at a glittering awards ceremony held at the Milennia.
    • The group also offers the perfect Hollywood-style incentive: a gala awards ceremony complete with a gourmet dinner of organic food and wine.
    • The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards have honoured the best in folk, roots, and acoustic music with an annual awards ceremony since 2000.
    • The award ceremony was a lively affair with music supplied by talented guitarists.
    • Three entrants will be short listed to go forward to the Finals, which will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony.
    • Three assessments will take place in 2004, culminating in an awards ceremony towards the end of the year.
    • This was my planned speech for the award ceremony.
    • Last night's glittering awards ceremony was attended by the young nominees, their families, friends and teachers.
    • The award ceremony builds on the success of the inaugural awards held last year.
    • He received the youth achievement award at the awards ceremony.
    • Adult learners from New College celebrated unprecedented success at a special awards ceremony.
    • He wanted to invite the public to future police award ceremonies so they could get a greater understanding of how the police service works.
    • The teenager was a little overwhelmed by all of the attention she attracted at the awards ceremony.
    • The clean sweep at the world's biggest film awards ceremony was made by the third and last part of the epic screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
    • Every significant filmmaking country in the world has an annual awards ceremony honouring the year's finest indigenous productions.
    • This prestigious annual awards ceremony was attended by a dazzling array of celebrities, socialites and restaurant owners.