Translation of aware in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈwɛr/ /əˈwɛː/


  • 1

    to be aware of sth ser consciente de algo
    darse cuenta de algo
    to be aware that
    aware (of) what/who
    • We are all aware of the situation where power is higher on a fence wire on a dry day than on a wet day.
    • In fact, we are so painfully aware of the issues that we can spend hours talking about them.
    • We are aware of the situation and we are seeking to gather information and evidence.
    • So let's put him in the mix to let everyone know that he is aware of what's happening in Africa.
    • The only problem is that the owner of the ticket may not be aware of his or her success.
    • However he was aware of cases where contact orders made by the court were ignored.
    • It was like waking up from a deep sleep, I gradually became more aware of what was going on.
    • Police said they were not aware of any similar tensions at the new skate park in Braintree.
    • In effect, a wider public needs to be made aware of what is happening in contemporary art.
    • Both women were aware of the danger that they would turn out nasty Hollywood brats.
    • That was when he was first aware of his pathological desire to lose his left leg.
    • He adds that this is a circumstance which we need to be more aware of, if only for our own protection.
    • Cut to the boyfriend, fully aware of the deaths but not seeming to care either way.
    • I have always been aware of dreaming at night and tend to remember them pretty well.
    • I was taught at a young age to watch the current, to be aware of where I am in relation to the beach.
    • You're aware of your roots but you're happy to take on board the best of other cultures.
    • Mostly what I need to know is what not to do, and if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of.
    • To this end they have begun making staff and patrons aware of the Act and its implications.
    • The fact is that people mostly operate on a very short time frame that they are not really aware of.
    • I'm very limited in time and all too aware of how much time would be used by showing movies.
  • 2

    (alert, knowledgeable)
    he's very aware for his age es muy despierto para su edad
    • they are very politically aware tienen mucha conciencia política