Translation of awash in Spanish:


inundado, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈwɔʃ/ /əˈwɑʃ/ /əˈwɒʃ/


  • 1

    to be awash (with sth) estar inundado (de algo)
    • At the end of 2000, York was reduced to a sandbag city, hit by unprecedented levels of rain and awash with flood water.
    • The gutters were awash with dirty soot-flecked water, rushing down the storm-drain.
    • And as the winter rains pour down, the camp is awash with sewage and rubbish.
    • Two walls of the gallery are covered with her canvases, awash with deep blues and cheerful yellows.
    • The yacht lay alongside the pier at a sharp cant, its left side decks awash with water.
    • Yes, knowledge is better than ignorance, but isn't North America awash with sexual information?
    • Every investment bank in the City is said to be awash with potential deals, which is sparking guessing games as to who will fall on to the auction block next.
    • I like the idea of dark banking transactions taking place in towns like Miltown Malbay, awash with transnational avarice.
    • How things have changed: we are awash with extra-virgin olive oil and have overdosed on sun-dried tomatoes.
    • This afternoon seemed awash with possibilities and promise.
    • ‘We reckoned we were awash with knowledge on how a marina should operate,’ he laughed.
    • Ireland is in fact awash with tax reliefs and incentives.
    • Edinburgh is awash with restaurants, some good - some not so good.
    • Zambian courts are always awash with petitions every after election.
    • The Catalan capital was awash with the cream of the European cinema.
    • The old place, awash with memories, is now hosting its last season before the club moves to its huge new stadium at nearby Ashburton Grove.
    • The next morning there was a last-minute change of plan to avoid arriving back in London while it was awash with May Day demonstrators.
    • They did, and his end-of-tour report was not awash with praise.
    • But even that argument no longer applies now that Ireland is awash with euros, new factories and millionaires.
  • 2

    (full of)
    to be awash with sth estar lleno de algo
    rebosar algo
    • The room is a beehive, awash with noise.
    • He has five years left at the helm of a government awash with oil revenues.
    • Just today I heard from someone who came to see me in my office just exactly how awash with cash Government departments are.
    • They are reckoned to be the craziest in a city awash with yellow lines.
    • The media industry - no less than the campaign system - is awash in oceans of dollars.
    • Declared biologically dead in 1957, the Thames is now awash with wildlife, ecologists say.
    • The recent pages of our publications are awash in stories of credit difficulty.
    • Soon enough he was inside, awash in cool dim light from above.
    • Closing her eyes in anticipation, awash in the sensations he was arousing in her, she waited.
    • The streets are awash with people speaking English.
    • The platform, we were told, was awash with horrid chemicals which would pollute vast areas of the pristine ocean.
    • Wimbledon has literally been awash with interruptions in its final week.
    • Her small face was awash with worry, her body language agitated.
    • With the streets awash in dead frogs, small talk is no longer the order of the day.
    • Still awash in relief at leaving behind the murky realm of differing ideologies, Anne giggled nervously.
    • The movie is awash in liberal stereotypes.
    • Cartwright Hall - one of Bradford's most magnificent venues for weddings - will soon be awash with all things matrimonial.
    • In the early 1950s, the Massey commissioners noted that universities remained islets of civilization awash in a growing sea of materialism.
    • Again, right now the world is awash in cheap money.
    • Common sense dictates that most people, awash in their own ignorance, far prefer to lecture than be lectured to.