Translation of away in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈweɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(from place, person)

      I looked away aparté la vista
      • he limped away se alejó cojeando
      • they dragged the fallen tree away se llevaron el árbol caído arrastrándolo
      • I turned away me di la vuelta

    • 1.2(indicating removal)

      the bark had been stripped away habían quitado la corteza

  • 2

    • 2.1(in the distance)

      it isn't far away no queda lejos
      • we're still a long way away todavía estamos muy lejos
      • Easter is a long way away falta mucho para Pascua
      • it's 20 miles away queda a 20 millas
      • she lives an hour's drive away vive a una hora de aquí en coche

    • 2.2(absent)

      she's away in Canada está en Canadá
      • they're both away today ninguno de los dos está hoy
      • I'll be away all next week toda la semana que viene no voy a estar / voy a estar fuera

    • 2.3British Sport

      to play away jugar fuera (de casa)
      • We won away only once last season so to win away this season is to get a monkey off our back.
      • And we will then expect to beat them when they come to us so winning away is a big advantage.
      • It's quite simple, you play everybody home and away in the league and whoever's top at the end wins.
      • Yeadon have still to play Idle away in the league so the ball is very much in their own court at the moment.
      • We went away to Northwich and knew if we had won we would have been promoted, but it was a lot better to win at home in front of our fans.
      • We just need a win tonight at Albania and then beat the Germans away.
      • They quickly need to turn draws into wins at home and start to turn defeats into draws away.

  • 3

    (on one's way)
    we were away before sunrise partimos / salimos antes del amanecer
    • a couple of drinks and she's away se toma un par de copas y se desata
    • you only have to mention golf and he's away apenas le mencionas el golf y no hay quien lo pare
  • 4

    • 4.1

      I've got some questions to ask you — OK, ask away! tengo algunas preguntas que hacerle —¡dígame!
      see also fire away

    • 4.2(continuously)

      he's been painting away all morning se ha pasado toda la mañana pintando
      • I could hear him singing away in the bath lo oía cantar en el baño

  • 5

    • 5.1(into nothing)

      the ghostly figure melted away into the darkness la figura fantasmal se desvaneció en la oscuridad

    • 5.2(indicating use of time)

      you're dreaming your life away se te está yendo la vida en sueños
      • they danced the night away bailaron toda la noche

  • 6

    away from
    • 6.1(in opposite direction to)

      to face away from the light ponerse de espaldas a la luz
      • the hotel faces away from the sea el hotel da hacia el lado opuesto al mar
      • she pulled the child away from the cliff edge apartó al niño del borde del acantilado

    • 6.2(at a distance, separated from)

      lejos de
      away from his family lejos de su familia
      • stand well away from the fire no te acerques al fuego
      • the ideal place if you want to be/get away from it all el lugar ideal si te quieres alejar del mundanal ruido
      • Residents from four neighbouring houses spent a night away from their homes as the house was sealed off.
      • Several of the injured kids began to cry out in pain or crawl away from the gun shots.
      • To his surprise the baby quickly struggled out and started crawling away from them.
      • She crawled away from him so fast he was afraid she would go too far and fall off the bed.
      • In response, the girl just cowered away from him, crawling backwards on her hands and knees.
      • It moves out of my reach, as if some unseen hand has pushed the cigarettes away from me.
      • The policeman refused to answer and instead pinned my arms behind my back and pushed me away from him.
      • I rolled over on the air mattress and pushed us away from the edge of the pool.
      • I tried to explain that I had a booking, but they kept pushing me away from the door.
      • He tried to give her a kiss on the cheek but she resisted his advance and pushed him away from her face briskly.
      • It was only then that the police stepped in, as they pushed the crowd away from the two lawyers.
      • Afterwards it was Accies who had pushed up the table away from their hosts.
      • He also saw three or four masked men scurry away from the bank under cover of the smoke.
      • In the same way in a pub a ventilation system bringing in fresh air over the bar will push smoke away from staff.
      • He was ordered not to communicate with Frost in any way and to stay away from four named people.
      • Local people were hoping for a change in the wind to push the slick away from the coast.
      • They will never see him again, for he plans to crawl away from the public eye and die.
      • I crawled away from the mess and moved toward the door at the back of the stage.
      • I picked at the vegetables, ate the potato, and then pushed the plate away from me.
      • She huffed and pushed her hair away from her face, which only made him want to kiss her.


  • 1

    away game partido que se juega fuera (de casa)
    • away match partido que se juega fuera (de casa)
    • The move follows a dramatic drop in football violence by Millwall fans at home and away matches.
    • Kendal County's away match at Ambleside was called off because of a waterlogged pitch.
    • As with all away match tickets they will be on sale to season ticket holders and members for a period of time and then go on general sale.
    • Since Christmas they have lost all three of their home league games, but won four and drawn one of their away matches.
    • But when he was playing I used to go to all of his home games and the odd away match too.
    • But there are no more fears on that score after City notched up their fourth away win in five.
    • Battling Belle Vue were denied the chance of their first away Elite League win of the season by a late Ipswich surge.
    • Draw specialists Barnsley are unbeaten in two months but City are chasing an eighth away win.
    • But a seventh away win of the season at Vale Park will fire them back into the thick of it.
    • We wanted to win the match and are disappointed to concede two away goals.
    • Look back over the last nine away wins and City have only once managed to follow up with a victory at Valley Parade.
    • Also, United are unbeaten at home this season while Liverpool are still seeking a first away win.
    • After all, it's not every week that I can celebrate an excellent Tranmere away win!
    • City are once again trying to bounce straight back from a home defeat by claiming their third away win in a row.
    • The point between has occurred because Terry has played one more away fixture than Tony.
    • However, they have failed to win a single away game this season so far.
    • Their fate may well hinge on rearranged home and away fixtures with Hull Road Park next week.
    • One of the aims of the Harrogate Minstermen is to offer regular and affordable travel to away fixtures.
    • Now it seems likely that the newcomers will be forced to complete their programme on away or neutral grounds.
    • Aireborough recorded an excellent away victory over third placed Knaresborough on Saturday.