Translation of awe in Spanish:


sobrecogimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ɔ/ /ɔː/


  • 1

    sobrecogimiento masculine
    they were filled with awe se sobrecogieron
    • to hold sb in awe sentir / tener un respeto reverencial por algn
    • No doubt they were in awe of her wonderful creation, not that she could blame them.
    • I am thinking of awe, reverence, respect and emotions too deep for words.
    • She wondered what it felt like to have that kind of passion and was in awe of their desire to get the job done.
    • No doubt I was in awe of him, but in any case I didn't really get to connect with him as a person.
    • Solitude: the word brings forth both hope and expectation of joy, fear and awe.
    • How easy is it to lose yourself and what's important to you when you meet someone who impresses you, or someone who fills you with awe, or fear?
    • Just maybe we can confront our place with awe and admiration, respect and veneration.
    • Antarctica is indifferent to humans, but we humans are in awe of Antarctica.
    • Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.
    • They were in awe of Brazil - or at least in awe of the myth of Brazilian football.
    • All he said was how much he appreciated the comments and that he was in awe of being in the room with so many great players.
    • I can only gaze with wonder and awe at the depths and heights of our psychic nature.
    • My feelings of annoyance quickly faded away and were replaced with feelings of awe and respect.
    • Colin was in awe of the city and loved the view of the life he wished to live.
    • For all his confidence, in a strange way he was in awe of some of the senior players and their experiences.
    • I was in the Dolomites with, you know, huge, soaring mountains and the locals were in awe of some of the famous routes in Scotland.
    • Winning the award, he says, is a measure of how far he's come since those days when he was in awe of the building and the people in it.
    • Yet he was in awe of the young soldiers, many of whom have suffered debilitating injuries.
    • He was in awe of China and pleaded that if India should progress it should learn a lesson or two from the communist regime.
    • Maybe there were times when we were in awe of them for a short while before realising we were in those games with a chance of winning.