Translation of awed in Spanish:


sobrecogido, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔd/ /ɔːd/


  • 1

    they were awed by the beauty of the landscape se sintieron sobrecogidos por la belleza del paisaje
    • they are somewhat awed by their son's achievements se sienten un tanto intimidados por los éxitos de su hijo
    • She glanced at her mother who was staring at her with an awed expression on her face.
    • Even Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewel collection has been incredibly well-documented for the benefit of the awed public.
    • Separate fields show electric trains rumbling over rails, waved on by awed peasant girls.
    • Darcy glanced at the awed expressions around him with impatience.
    • There was a long, awed silence.
    • It was in this awed state that we very nearly bypassed the very pinnacle of ancient Roman architecture: The Colosseum.
    • At the beach a mile later, after two deer in a patch of scrub oak bring the hikers to an awed standstill, the teachers present the day's lessons.
    • By 1967 the cable car had reached the peak, giving awed tourists a view that only a few hardy mountaineers had ever seen.
    • There was an brief, awed silence before the audience decided it was safe to laugh.
    • To awed churchgoers, the multicoloured windows telling the stories of the Gospels in glowing light must have been as captivating as a modern movie.