Translation of awestruck in Spanish:


atemorizado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɔˌstrək/ /ˈɔːstrʌk/


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    • She was surrounded by a group of awestruck teenagers all snapping away on their camera phones.
    • The failure of civil servants was that they regarded him with awestruck reverence.
    • Even looking at the graphics doesn't instill any sense of awestruck wonder.
    • The audience, suitably awestruck, could only stare in wonder.
    • I was too awestruck to get any pictures; fortunately, Luke was there to handle it.
    • But their awestruck silence was soon replaced by gales of laughter when their teacher read the letter out loud.
    • Local children watched awestruck as Her Excellency's helicopter touched down in the local sports ground.
    • But I also feel a little awestruck at the artfulness and audacity of it all.
    • He fielded questions about education reform and alcoholism from his visibly awestruck guests.
    • We were both awestruck by our initial view of the country - and equally stiff and tired.
    • At the nearby aquarium, the children were awestruck by the different kinds of fish.
    • When he stopped, it took almost five seconds for the awestruck audience to realise it.
    • If his hosts had heard it before, they were too awestruck to let it show.
    • I have been awestruck by this man for a year now and he just keeps getting better.
    • When you first do the space walk you are just utterly awestruck for the first few seconds about how beautiful it is.
    • At each home, Bakshi would ask the awestruck man how much he thought his hut was worth.
    • We were awestruck by the amazing views down the ravine and on to the river.
    • The way you use words to exact the maximum meaning with such simplicity leaves me awestruck.
    • He was such an impressive person and I was awestruck when I met him for the first time.
    • And as he left the auditorium the awestricken crowd got to their feet and cheered him on…