Translation of awful in Spanish:


horrible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɔfəl/ /ˈɔːf(ə)l/


  • 1informal

    • 1.1

      (journey/weather/day) horrible
      (journey/weather/day) espantoso
      (journey/weather/day) atroz
      (clothes) horroroso
      (clothes) espantoso
      (joke/movie) malísimo
      (joke/movie) pésimo
      it smells awful huele muy mal
      • he's an awful man es un repugnante
      • I know it sounds awful, but I found it amusing te parecerá una barbaridad, pero me hizo gracia
      • I felt awful me sentía fatal / muy mal
      • I've an awful feeling I left the door unlocked ¡qué horror! me parece que no cerré la puerta con llave
      • for one awful moment I thought he had seen me pasé un momento horrible / espantoso creyendo que me había visto
      • you are awful! That's not what I meant ¡qué malo eres! / ¡qué mal pensado eres! no fue eso lo que quise decir
      • I'm awful at chess soy un desastre jugando al ajedrez
      • how awful for the poor girl! ¡qué horror! ¡pobre chica!
      • Aside from that, I thought most of the speeches were pretty awful.
      • The problem is then he turned around and went to Columbia University on Wednesday and gave an awful speech on the economy.
      • The speeches can sometimes be awful but his was very amusing.
      • She finished this awful speech and looked at me triumphantly.
      • Such were the things I told myself to get through that awful speech.
      • It was awful, and it cheapened the brand, if a brand existed.
      • The wider one's sampling of a genre, the more abysmally awful stuff one encounters.
      • But above all it is the players who must be held accountable for this awful, pathetic display.
      • And so, as the film ended, I couldn't work out why what I watched seemed to be a well directed, interesting film, choked by awful dialogue and poor plotting.
      • Laughably awful dialogue is liberally slathered onto the stock adventure setup and the characters' true natures are obvious from the start.
      • Most made-for-TV animation is pretty bad, with uneven animation, awful scripts, and poor execution.
      • But on too many other things, he's been poor to awful - especially on class issues.
      • I'm not sure what was the most laughably awful thing about this movie.
      • Taking one spoon full into my mouth sent me hurling towards the sink to spit out the awful substance that I had chosen to try and digest.
      • Sure, the acting is laughably awful and the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious.
      • Injuries have hurt the offense a bit so far, and the pitching has been poor but not awful.
      • Cabbages are green, taste awful, and make lousy pets.
      • There were a few speeches, plus some awful, awful poetry and choral music.
      • Retaining so much creative advice from when I quit my terrible, awful job two months ago, we were able to draft his resignation letter in no time.
      • Not only does it look awful but it smells dreadful.

    • 1.2

      she's an awful snob/bore es terriblemente esnob/aburrida
      • I made an awful fool of myself.
      • There's an awful risk of confusion for buyers.
      • It's still an awful burden.
      • Some people find these birds to be an awful nuisance.
      • But she had made an awful mess of it.
      • Though Jo had resolved never to marry, still she felt an awful loneliness as she wondered what direction her life should take.
      • Apparently he led his wife an awful dance.

  • 2

    • 2.1archaic (awesome)

      • He is not always the evil, ghoulish, awful, frightening character that sometimes the Satanists would picture him to be.
      • They walk in awful splendor, regal yet.
      • The awful majesty of God now will not be in the way to hinder perfect freedom and intimacy in the enjoyment of God.
      • How does God begin and carry forward his submissive prostration of the soul, before his awful justice?

    • 2.2literary (terrible)

      (revenge/destruction) atroz
      • There doesn't seem to be any ability to understand how or why terrorists might be led to do the admittedly horrifying and awful and frightful things that they've done.
      • Something so dreadful, so awful, so horrifying, that Miiken could not stand the sight of it.
      • It was no surprise really that when he made that shocking and awful accusation, he was across the Atlantic, presumably discussing already how the spoils of war were to be divided.
      • She presided over a quiet part of Ireland, and though it was not without its problems, extremely awful things didn't often happen.
      • Not every bad thing that happens, not even every awful, horrific thing, is necessarily traumatic.
      • So everything is stage managed to make the awful, horrific attack something very special.
      • At the time of writing, there is same optimism regarding an end to this bloody awful war that we should not be involved in, so I hope that our men and women can be saved and soon return to us.
      • The true origin of Valentine's Day is bloody awful, involving a saint and a massacre and gangsters and machine guns.
      • You committed some bloody awful crimes, I mean you burst into banks, you held guns to people's heads, you threatened them, you assaulted them.
      • One might object that Elizabethan and Jacobean Justice was every bit as cruel and bloody as the awful spectacle that Moryson witnessed.
      • On August 19, 1942, the Marines engaged the enemy in an awful, bloody battle.
      • He wrote letters to congressmen telling them that something awful and ‘bloody’ had occurred.
      • The awful sight of the bloody lieutenant writhing around on the ground was enough to sober him up from his delusional state.
      • What was so tragic was to know that, through no fault of their own, they are caught up in the awful atrocities being carried out in their homeland.
      • Is it just that the war isn't just, so that even small numbers of deaths in the war are awful atrocities?
      • In a strange sense this event helped to bring home that awful atrocity.
      • I'm tired of writing about the awful atrocities carried out in the name of Christianity, decency, or family values.
      • I am human because I feel pain when I hear or read about these awful crimes, the perpetrators don't give a damn.


  • 1

    I'm awful hot tengo un calor espantoso
    • it's an awful long way to Tulsa Tulsa está lejísimos
    • This is an awful serious proposition… Let me argue it out for you.
    • And yet those games of the early 80s seem awful quaint now, don't they?
    • He has gotten awful buddy-buddy with them lately - maneuvering for the job?
    • This case should be awful tough for a prosecutor to put on.
    • Sounds awful touchy-feely, but sometimes the most revolutionary ideas are touchy-feely.
    • The locals have been wondering for an awful long time now when he will get around to scoring for their club.