Translation of awfully in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɔf(ə)li/ /ˈɔːfʊli/


  • 1informal

    he's awfully rich es riquísimo
    • they were awfully kind fueron amabilísimos
    • that's awfully nice of you es muy amable de tu parte
    • that's awfully rude of them ¡qué grosería (de su parte)!
    • I'm awfully sorry lo siento de veras / en el alma
    • it's not awfully difficult/important no es terriblemente difícil/importante
    • I must say that those days were awfully nice.
    • He did have awfully nice legs though - firm and powerful looking.
    • Helen is quite heartbroken, and I feel awfully sorry for her.
    • Pressure from powerful corners must make it awfully easy to misplace files.
    • As it is, when she utters them on court, I have to keep reminding myself that she's really an awfully nice gal.
    • It is two in the afternoon, the weather is awfully hot, and you are struck in a traffic jam.
    • For being famous and horsey and whatnot, they were awfully nice and a lot of fun.
    • Not an environment devoted to the life of the mind, but the weather was awfully nice.
    • It does take a while for the yarn to arrive - but it's awfully nice to have it arrive by Canada Post.
    • I just can't help feeling awfully sorry for him, though.
    • And they're really awfully nice when you get to know them.
    • Which is awfully nice of her, but I feel - to use an appropriate piece of therapy-speak - somewhat conflicted.
    • The people who work for my publisher are awfully nice.
    • He must get awfully nervous when Gary Bauer and James Dobson call.
    • Sometimes saying sorry is an awfully good idea.
    • You must be awfully proud of Kyle, as I know you are of your other kids.
    • I must have been feeling awfully ambitious to set myself such a daunting assignment!
    • These heroes must grow up awfully fast in this day and age.
    • I felt a blush spread over my face - he must think I was awfully clumsy.
    • Well, not especially, thanks awfully.
    • As a final note, thanks awfully for all the pay cheques.
  • 2

    • I played awfully a couple of times, even stupidly.
    • It was with a guy who spoke awfully.