Translation of awkward in Spanish:


torpe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɔkwərd/ /ˈɔːkwəd/


  • 1

    (movement/person) torpe
    (phrase/expression) poco elegante
    • That most people walk in an ungraceful, ungainly and awkward manner with a forward inclination of the body does not mean that it is the normal way of walking.
    • Now she faked her clumsy and awkward movements, often purposely stumbling over anything that came her way.
    • Kouki could see by his stiff stance and awkward movement that he didn't like him.
    • I learned to ski in the Dolomites more than 20 years ago, and memories of those buttery sunsets have stayed with me as much as the first awkward turns and ungainly falls off button lifts.
    • The elephant, unwieldy and awkward yet graceful and powerful, becomes an allegory for the form itself.
    • He looks almost exactly as I'd left him; awkward, ungainly and birdlike.
    • The resulting pieces at first look remarkably awkward and ungainly.
    • I was always a bit awkward and ungainly as a child, so I thought that maybe I was just on the clumsy side.
    • The high ceilings and unbroken expanses of wall in such a house can make the rooms seem awkward and ungainly.
    • If a grader were a person, he might be called ungainly, awkward, or even a klutz.
    • Mothers and fathers send out the message that boys are awkward, ungainly and silly.
    • He felt clumsy and awkward in the air, his body too ungainly to be properly streamlined.
    • Many of the other performers, however, were stiff and awkward.
    • But left-handers are renowned for being awkward and clumsy and in some societies they are still looked upon with suspicion.
    • Others are clumsy and awkward, obvious targets of adolescent rejection.
    • Chris was nearly eighteen and though he was tall, filled out with spiky black hair and handsome features, he still felt awkward, gawky, and ugly.
    • You remember how you felt at that age, when your own body was awkward and when you were full of energy and uncertainty.
    • In all of them you see a hunched, awkward man, uncomfortable in his own body.
    • He baffles hitters with an awkward delivery, a hard fastball and a Frisbee slider.
    • He's a contradiction in that his jump shot, an awkward heave off his right shoulder, is fundamentally flawed.
  • 2

    • 2.1(difficult, inconvenient)

      (shape/angle) incómodo
      (shape/angle) poco práctico
      it's an awkward place to get to by rail es difícil llegar allí en tren
      • Tuesday's awkward for me el martes me es difícil / no me viene bien
      • you've called at a rather awkward moment, I'm afraid me temo que llamas en mal momento / en un momento inoportuno
      • she could make things very awkward for you te podría hacer la vida imposible
      • The bottle is awkward and hard to spray.
      • His claims that the tribunal has shown bias towards him still leave a number of awkward issues to be dealt with.
      • The wood was hard and awkward, the stone ice cold during most of the year.
      • The user controls are somewhat awkward and very difficult to master.
      • He was fobbing us off in order to get out of doing an awkward, time-consuming job.
      • He frequently appears to be sidestepping awkward questions.
      • They have the right to ask some awkward questions.
      • It comes at an awkward time on the calendar.
      • He will be on crutches for two months because it 's in an awkward place in his knee.
      • It's quite awkward to use at times.
      • It was way too heavy and awkward to use.
      • The controller looks awkward to hold.
      • It is a very tall burger and a little awkward to eat.
      • It's heavy and awkward to carry around.
      • Toolboxes can be heavy and awkward to move around your shop.
      • The chest strap is awkward to wear.
      • The case is stiff, awkward, and bulky.
      • Too many of the designs are too clunky and awkward.
      • You don't want a pack that 's too heavy or awkward to tuck away.
      • The volume button is also located in an awkward position.

    • 2.2(difficult to deal with)

      he's an awkward customer es un tipo muy difícil informal
      • he's at an awkward age está en una edad difícil

  • 3

    • 3.1(delicate, embarrassing)

      (decision/subject) delicado
      you've put me in a very awkward position me has puesto en una situación muy violenta / embarazosa
      • If anyone would like to email me with their awkward or embarrassing moments, I can post them here anonymously.
      • The dripping coming from above made the silence very uneasy and awkward.
      • There were a few uneasy seconds of awkward silence, everyone looking at Christine with apprehension.
      • She could easily envision the awkward silences and uneasy shifting in the seats.
      • After a few such trips, I became bolder, and I got myself into quite a few awkward or embarrassing situations as a result.
      • Waiting for her to pick up was awkward and hard, but eventually the phone clicked over and a man's voice answered.
      • It also provided a social setting where the sixth graders could mingle without the pressures of a party or dance, which can be awkward for this age group.
      • I bought a suit today, after two weeks of deliberations, window shopping, and awkward small talk with sales assistants.
      • The atmosphere grew tenser and an awkward pause ensued.
      • I was desperate for approval and to find some common ground to smooth over an unpleasantly awkward couple of days.
      • They certainly didn't make us feel awkward when we questioned them about some of the dishes.
      • My mind went back to when Josh and I were Sammy's age, and how awkward it was at that age when people didn't want to be your friend.
      • It was a really awkward moment for me because I made a stupid mistake.
      • The officer is put in an awkward position when he unknowingly pulls his favorite actor over for a routine traffic stop.
      • It was a very awkward situation.
      • The extremely awkward interview came to a head when the singer hurled his phone across the room.
      • The singer endured an awkward exchange on live TV when the presenter asked him about his nickname.
      • They eventually moved on, but it made for a very awkward few seconds.
      • A few family members are expecting it to be very awkward.
      • They seemed to have put their very awkward encounter a few weeks before behind them.

    • 3.2(embarrassed)

      (silence) incómodo
      (silence) violento
      an awkward smile una sonrisa forzada
      • I feel awkward in his company me encuentro incómodo / no estoy a gusto con él
      • I feel awkward about discussing it with the doctor me resulta violento hablarlo con el médico