Translation of awning in Spanish:


toldo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔnɪŋ/ /ˈɔːnɪŋ/


  • 1

    (over door, window) toldo masculine
    (on deck) toldilla feminine
    (on deck) toldo masculine
    (on wagon) entalamadura feminine
    • Maybe it's because stripes evoke memories of canvas deck chairs and awnings at fêtes.
    • The asylum-seekers could be seen massed on a clearing made among the cargo containers, partly sheltered by canvas awnings.
    • I didn't - I got big canvas awnings over a Florida room, and I didn't take those down as I've done in pretty past storms, and they're pretty beat up.
    • Sacks of dates and piles of vegetables lay under canvas awnings.
    • The colourful awnings over the shop windows, again, gave protection against the sun.
    • Also inside the awning was a ground sheet, some shoes and a Tesco carrier bag.
    • Jake led me to the side of the buildings where we were hidden from the casts and sheltered from the rain by an awning.
    • You develop the stoop that shades your pocket note book from the rain whilst evidence gathering, preferably under an awning covering the pavement.
    • All windows on the south, east and west sides are provided with orange canvas awnings like those on old-fashioned shops in English country towns.
    • Now I saw the canvas awnings pulled down over the armourer's workshop, the storehouses shut up to keep the goods from damp, the great oak doors of the stable closed.
    • Shops spilled out into the thoroughfare, the traffic of furry figures bustling around stalls and awnings and shop windows.
    • Quick as dawn, the dogwoods have raised improbable awnings, christened with rain.
    • She had to stop in doorways or under awnings to wait every couple blocks so I could catch up.
    • The most I am concerned with are those aluminum poles supporting the canvas awning.
    • A very large crowd had massed under the awning despite the heavy rain.
    • Sam watched Laura run off and she stood under the awning waiting for the rain to let up.
    • The tallest of the beaters crashed his head against one of the struts for the canvas awning.
    • More than 2,000 signatures have been collected on a petition supporting large sail-like awnings that cover the front of restaurants at the Italian Forum.
    • We should be inducing pedestrians: traffic lights set up so that pedestrians don't have to wait so long, more covered footpaths and awnings, more street art.
    • For the past 30 years the 58-year-old has worked for a company in Devon that produces blinds and awnings.